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Felix Unger (born 2 March 1946 in Klagenfurt , Austria) is a heart specialist and a president of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and Alma Mater Europaea.[1] In 1986 he performed the first artificial heart transplantation in Europe.[2]


Felix Unger, 2015.

Unger studied medicine at University of Vienna, graduating in 1971. After graduation, he practiced at University Clinic for Cardiology in Vienna (1971, 1972) and at the local University Surgical Clinic (1972-1977) and in 1975 as a researcher in the field of Cardiovascular medicine in Houston, Cleveland and Salt Lake City in USA. In the year of 1978, he received his Ph.D, became Associate Professor (and later Full Surgical Professor). In Salt Lake City, he invented Ellipsoidherz, later used by Unger for his 1986 artificial heart transplant procedure. In 1990 he founded the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, together with Kardinal Knig and Professor Lobkowitz. From 1985 to 2011 he was the leader of the University Clinic for cardiac surgery in Salzburg. From 2001, he has been the president of the European Institute of Health. Prof. Unger is a member of a number of academies of science: a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Latvia, Slovenia and Serbia; a regular member of the German Leopoldina, Slovakia and the New York Academy of Sciences; and the world and the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.[3]


Honorary professor:

  • 2002 in Marburg
  • 2012 in St. Petersburg

Honorary doctorates:

  • 1994 in Budapest, Timisoara and Tokyo,
  • 2003 in Riga
  • 2007 in Belgrade
  • 2009 in Athens
  • 2010 in Tbilisi.[3]
  • 2012 in St. Petersburg
  • 2013 in Arad and Cluj-Napoca