Famous because the largest town of the state of Tripura, Agartala is conjointly the well-known capital of same state. Agartala holds associate degree array of historical and mythological importance because of its mentions in the scriptures of the Mahabharata, and therefore the proven fact that the kings who dominated Agartala were quite the bold ones. Throughout British people rule, Agartala was known as a princely state. Set at the banks of the Howrah River, this town is a stunning one, with a subtropic climate and rains nearly all year long. During the summer, it gets extraordinarily hot and humid, therefore the best time to go to would be within the short winter that lasts from Nov to early March. The natives of Tripura celebrate a string of festivals throughout the year, which, for tourists, are a delight to witness. There are varied temples across the city at the side of as several churches however only 1 or 2 mosques. Monasteries will also be found during a couple places. 

During the time it had been a princely state, the Ujjayanta Palace was the royal residence of this city. Amid the plush green and huge Mughal gardens, the Palace is alert at the perimeters of a quaint lake. You may notice varied temples dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses around the palace. Conjointly called the State Museum, it’s the biggest deposit of the Northeastern a part of India. Rabindranath Tagore was the one who named it Ujjayanta Palace. Covering a neighborhood of virtually a km, the palace includes a library, Darbar, a Throne room, and a reception hall. There’s a Chinese area that tourists typically flock to because of its Byzantine art done by Chinese craftsmen. The deposit is adorned with a group of artifacts representational process the culture, tradition, art, and history of Northeast India.

Embellished with stunning stone carvings of Lord Shiva, the Unakoti hill is a must-visit spot for a traveler in Tripura. The flowery carvings on a range of rocks across the hill are found amid an environment of lush inexperienced trees, shrubs, and waterfalls. The most outstanding feature of this hill is that the 30ft tall head of Lord Shiva, also called the Unakoteswara Kal Bhairava. Within the month of April, associate degree annual festival called the Ashokashtami Mela is held, that attracts an oversized quantity of devotees each year. The rock carvings and stone styles are currently underneath the protection of the archeologic Survey of India.

A rare sight to behold, Heritage Park is placed at the North of rule Bhavan in Agartala. The park showcases the ancient, social group and cultural heritage of Tripura, beginning at the looming gate itself. Enclosed by associate degree abundance of wondrous smelling flowers, trees and varied alternative natural elements, the park is that the hub of tourists when its inauguration in 2012. It’s famous for having inculcated the Effective being technology to supply an assist for the shortage of organic manure. The park could be a haven of tranquility and tranquility for those that wish to be at peace.

One of the foremost worshipped tourist spots in Tripura are the Jampui hills. Amid these hills are concerning 10 villages that get pleasure from the beautiful encompassing of the Hill range. You’ll be able to visit Jampui hills through the road of Dharmanagar and Kailashahar. These hills are most notable for his or her orange plantation that was started within the early 60s. Commercially, Jampui hills are famous to be the simplest location for orange plantation and growth. This attracted tons of locals and visitors. Each year, a competition called the Orange competition is well known among the hills amid the hovering clouds that provide a tranquil atmosphere for those enjoying the festival