The town of Aizawl will provide you with marvelous mornings and animating evenings. With pristine locations, sedge meadows, timely heralds of the monsoon and delicious delicacies on plate; Aizawl is often able to be satiated down from the bucket list. It’s choked with dramatic landscapes and soothing climate. The hotels, restaurants, nightlife and searching complexes; all are really tempting and alluring. It’s well connected through road, rail and air network for the convenience of fellow travelers. It’s the capital city of Mizoram. 

In the Mizo language, “Tam” means mustard plant and “dil” means that lake. It’s placed close to Saitual village. Tamdil Lake is concerning one hundred ten kilometers off from Aizawl. It’s a perfect place to be within the lap of nature. It is the biggest lake in Mizoram and is of course beautiful. It offers water travel facilities for the tourists. A rare and novel species of frog referred to as Leptolalax also are found here. It’s a major tourist attraction in Aizawl. The lake isn’t simply apt for viewing one’s own outer replicateion within the clear water however one will for sure reflect even on the inside with most placidity and leaf around it.

KV Paradise is popularly known as the modern Taj Mahal of Mizoram. It had been created by a husband within the captivated memory of his partner whom he lost in an exceedingly automotive accident in 2001. It’s a 3 floor sepulture and lies on the outskirts of Aizawl. Khawlhring (K), the widow man spent his time period savings in its construction when the death of Varte (V). This white structure is associate degree epitome of eternal love and that’s however the paradise got its name as potential unit from their initials.

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is roughly a hundred and seventy kilometers off from the capital town of Mizoram. It’s unfold at a region of thirty five sq. kilometers. It’s a sub-tropical and semi-evergreen forest. Tiger, Sambar, Barking Deer, Serrow, Hoolock Gibbon and plenty of birds reside during this life sanctuary that is pristine. It also has wealthy numbers of Asian wild ox (the Indian Bison), type of butterflies, leopards and rhinoceroses. The vividness of flora and fauna, and therefore the lush inexperienced wilderness will certainly capture each traveler’s heart and soul. It’s tiny rivulets and several other trees as well. Teak, Sal and Eucalyptus are some examples. Varied herbs with medicative significance conjointly grow within the region and are extremely asked for by the locals.

Durtlang Hills is a stunning and exuberant city that was designed 112 years ago. It’s assault steep hills and is flanked by craggy peaks. It offers a perspective of the Aizawl city. It’s a well-liked trekking destination that isn’t easy. It’s one in every of the upper hills of Mizoram. It’s perked up on the northern aspect of the capital city. The rugged terrains associate degreed mountainous slopes are good for an incautious trip. It’s a serious tourist attraction of Mizoram because the locals and therefore the foreigners visit this place in immense mobs. It’s conjointly ideal for rejuvenation and replenishing energy within the body and mind.

Vantawng Falls is 137 kilometers off from Aizawl. It falls in the Serchhip district of Mizoram and is that the thirteenth highest body of water of the country. It’s a spectacular waterfall. It’s magnificently referred to as khwathla in Mizo which implies waterfall. It’s at a height of 750 feet. The crystal clear water gushing down the cliffs could be a visual treat and is sort of enlivening.