Located within the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, Almora is legendary for its wildlife, culture and cuisines. The town is found at a mean elevation of 1,646 meters above water level and was referred to as ‘Rajapur’ during the reign of the Chand kings. The town is surrounded by thick forests of pine and fir trees and was visited by Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda who have mentioned Almora in their writings. Unlike the neighboring hill stations like Nainital and Ranikhet which were developed by British, Almora was developed by the Kumaoni people. The town is also known as the town of temples.

Kansar Devi Temple is believed so far back till the 2nd century AD and is devoted to Kasar Devi. The temple is found at a mean elevation of two, 100 meters above water level and is popular among most hikers because it offers scenic views of the environment. The spot itself is situated amidst thick covers of Pine and deodar forests which may be a home to varied species of birds. It is said Swami Vivekananda mediated here for a few days and many mediators, spirituality leaders also used to come her in the 60’s. It’s one among the three places within the whole world which comes under the Van Allen belt. The other two places that come under this belt include Machu Picchu in Peru and Stone Henge in England.

Located 16 kilometers far away from the town of Almora, the Katarmal Sun Temple is that the second most vital temple dedicated to the Sun god in India. The temple was constructed by the Medieval Katyuri Kings within the 9th century AD. The temple is understood for its unique architecture and various carvings on walls and its ceilings. The temple complex consists of 1 shrine and is surrounded by 45 smaller shrines which are carved out of stone.

The spot was the summer capital of the Chand kings and was established as a forest reserve in 1988. The altitude of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary varies between 900 to 2500 meters with its highest point being ‘Zero Point’ that gives some great views of the nearby peaks. The forest was established for the conservation of a special sort of Oak called the shrinking broad leaf oak and houses over 200 species of resident and migratory birds.

Kumaon Regimental Center Museum is found uphill from the mall road in Almora and was established in 1970’s. The museum is understood for various war treasures and weapons recovered during the varied wars like war II and therefore the 1962 war with China. The chief purpose of the museum’s establishment was to pay reference to the brave soldiers and to guard the culture of the Kumaon region.

Located amidst lush green forests at a distance of 10 kilometers from Almora, Martola is a popular tourist destination. Martola known for its gardens and may be a home to vary tourists who chose to settle here due to the picturesque locations which will be seen here. The town is found 520 meters above water level with the backdrop of the good Himalayas.