A stunning village in associate equally stunning state, Amarpur is a scenic and serene getaway in Tripura. Tripura, a locality of the north jap seven sisters, is that the third smallest in terms of size and is the most inhabited by tribal communities. Almost 19 totally different tribes have taken up residence during this state. Thought-about at a large disadvantage, Tripura doesn’t have access to any amenities despite being a locality of contemporary and independent India. It still lags behind in economy, education, job opportunities because of its isolated geographical location.

Called as Debtamura or Chambimura in native dialect, this hill is located on the banks on the river Gomati. It’s known for its row of in-rock scriptures and carvings of various Hindu deities. Clearly seen among them are carvings of Shiva, Durga, Mahisasur, Hindu calendar month and Vishnu. It’s referred to as the ‘Peak of Gods’ rightfully. The walls are steep and hold the 16th century carvings in smart form. You’ll be able to solely reach here through a ship ride across the river.

Jampui hill range is located a thousand meters on top of ocean level and be the state of Mizoram. The very best peak is Peak Thaidawr. Among the ten small villages here, the Mizo community is that the most populated. Agriculture and horticulture are the most bread winners here. Mizo individuals are residing here ever since the fifteenth century. The foremost anticipated Orange and commercial enterprise competition was celebrated here to market the wonderful quality of the orange plantations. The elevated points here provides a stunning read of the sun rising and setting.

Along the southern banks of Amar Sagar Lake, lies the temple of Goddess Mangal Chandi. She is that the most revered eight headed deity. This temple was constructed throughout the fifteenth century by King Amar Manikya Dev Burman. The architecture boosts of each Hindu and Buddhist spiritual beliefs. Excluding the main Goddess, figurines of different deities also are gift within the temple. A fair takes place throughout the competition of Basant Panchami within the month of February, on the banks of the stream each year, wherever many devotees’ flock to require place within the celebrations and non-secular rituals.

Amar Sagar Lake was in-built the sixteenth century, by King Amar Manikya Dev Burman, throughout the reign of the Tripuri royal family. The lake is as Brobdingnagian as twenty hectares. The southern bank homes the temple dedicated to Goddess Mangal Chandi. The lake provides a good read and a fantastic purpose of rest for a picnic. There are varied places to eat and sit round the premises of the lake.

Fatik Sagar Lake is yet another lake of historical importance in Amarpur that creates a perfect one day picnic spot.

48 islands adorn this lake covering nearly forty-one sq kms. Of water surface. The rivers Raima and Sarma drain into this lake and this lake is additionally the supply of the mighty stream Gomati called Tirthmukha. The installation of stream Gomati is controlled by a Hydel Dam. On fourteenth of Jan annually, the Makr Sankranti Mela takes place here. Bird watching is that the most known activity here, because the trees and forests round the lake offer a natural environs for migrated and native bird species. It conjointly serves as a tremendous picnic spot. Water sports also are offered for journey seeking tourists.  The lake gets its name from the form of Lord Shiva’s instrument, Dambru.