Ashwini Nachappa (born 21 October 1967) is an accomplished former athlete and an Indian film actress from Karnataka.

Nachappa gained fame around the start of the 1980s, when she outran P.T. Usha on two separate occasions. She has been referred to as India’s FloJo. In 1988 she received the Arjuna award.


Ashwini Nachappa represented India in three South Asian Federation Games in 1984 (in Nepal; two silver medals), 1986 (in Bangladesh; two silver medals) and 1988 (in Pakistan, three gold medals). She participated in two Asian Games, one held in 1986 at South Korea (6th in long jump) and the other in 1990 at Beijing, China (silver medal in 4 100 m relay). She also represented India in two World Championships, one in 1987 in Rome and the other in 1991 in Tokyo (she was a member of the 4 400 m relay on both occasions).

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