There are various cities that boast of picturesque landscapes, snowcapped mountains and world famous monuments. While some possess the best of natural beauties, some offer stunning efforts of man in the forms of monuments, buildings, forts and many more. It doesn’t take tons for one to call out ‘Taj Mahal’ the instant you say ‘Agra’. Neither does a person who possesses interest in historic monuments find it difficult to recall Ajanta and Ellora caves if you say ‘Aurangabad’. Located amidst hills of Maharashtra, Aurangabad is not short of scenic beauty or manmade wonders.

Ajanta Caves top the list of favorites when one visits Aurangabad. Declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Ajanta Caves are visited by tourists from all parts of the planet. The mural paintings in Ajanta Caves display unique style that can’t be seen in any a part of the planet. The paintings depict the events on the lifetime of Buddha and there are illustrations on Buddhist deities. The stunning paintings reveal the talents and artistry of the artists and that they effectively narrate the events without the necessity for words. A lot of researches were undertaken to find out about the mystery behind the lifetime of paintings. The paintings have withstood the test of your time and therefore the colors are fresh and glowing.

Devgiri Fort is situated within the village of Daulat. The massive fort immediately attracts you and has you spellbound the instant you set your eyes thereon. The fort was considered to be constructed by Billamraja who ruled Daulatabad during 1187 A.D. The most interesting fact about the fort is that it remained unconquerable throughout. The architectural wonder was built to supply the simplest defense to the rulers and it had been alright achieved, because the fort was never won.

The beautiful garden was created by the grandson of Aurangazeb in memory of Bani Begum, his wife. This is a perfect place if you want to relax on your tour and keep your spirits soaring. The lush greenery and therefore the landscape assist you experience inner peace. The garden reflects the style of Mughal architecture. You will find waterfall near the garden. Not much activity for you here except to relax and luxuriate in.

Ghrishneshwar Temple belongs to 18th century. It is just half a kilometer from Ellora Caves. The marvelous architecture is awe-inspiring though you cannot hope to see the complete ancient architecture here owing to the damage caused by Aurangazeb. A peaceful place and it is frequented by tourists, as it is one of the twelve Siva temples.

You will love the location of Pitalkhora Caves. They are located in the most picturesque setting under the valley. It consists of 14 Buddhist Caves. They are grouped into two sets with the primary group consisting of 10 caves and therefore the second group consisting of 4 caves. You can find traces of excellent paintings here. The architecture and sculpture are beyond words.

Aurangabad offers you clear insight into the glories of the past and therefore the effects of wars also. The cultural heritage and therefore the refore the architectural excellence of the first days and the centuries old monuments are something that is still in your memory forever. You will love the tourist places of Aurangabad for the stunning landscapes and therefore the show of excellence in various art forms.