Bhavnagar in the Indian state of Gujarat, was founded by the rulers of Sihor and was initially a port-city. Founded by Bhavsinhji Gohil, the state was travel by the Gohil Rajput dynasty and thus may be a living testimony to an upscale Rajput culture and a good a richer port-city that has beautiful landscapes and lots of erstwhile-royal forts to go to. The small hillocks and delightful water bodies round the city offer a singular blend of beauty and history. The heritage of the Rajputs also because the Colonial influence are often seen within the architecture of the buildings of the town.

Situated between two hills, Gaurishankar Lake was made by Shri Gaurishankar Oza who was the Deewan of Bhavnagar. The lake features a small garden for youngsters also as a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is serene and appears lovely during the sunset. The water is clear and pristine and the lake itself has a charm of its own.

The Victoria Park is spread over a total area of 500 acres and has a forest that is preserved by the Government. The park has a huge gate that is located at its entrance and the forest within has many different varieties of birds and animals. Perfect for a walk or a stroll in the evening or early morning, the Victoria Park is a lovely place to spend a few hours with nature.

The crystal clear water, the white sand and the beautiful sea breeze makes the Gopnath beach the best place to go for a brush with nature. The view from the beach is enthralling and therefore the place is extremely fashionable tourists. One of the largest ship-breaking zones is also in the vicinity. The talja temple is located nearby and can be visited after spending some time on the beach. The sight of birds coming right down to |all the way down to”> right down to drink water is simply exquisite and definitely well worth the visit down to the beach.

Barton library was established in the 19th century and is known to be one of the oldest libraries of the country. It is famous for being the center of cultural and historical importance. The legacy is carried on by old patrons who come here regularly to read the various rare and old books kept here. The structure of the library itself may be a sight to behold with unique architecture and British regal grace.

Established within the year 1955, the Ghandhi smriti may be a beautiful statue of Gandhi alongside a gallery and a tower. The premises houses a gallery that has different books, photos and items of significance associated with Gandhiji. The smriti is revered far and wide thanks to its link with the daddy of the state. Many tourists visit the place to find out more about Gandhi and see the rare memorabilia related to his glorious lifetime.

Bhavnagar is known for its dam and port facilities as well as temples such as the Takhteshwar temple and Gangahaja. The small city is rich in culture and history and breath-taking beaches. A lovely place to go for a nice getaway, the city of Bhavnagar is a hospitable and warm place to spend a few days. The lovely landscape and therefore the warm blue skies are inviting enough for anyone who wished to spend a couple of days in serenity and bliss. From the town, one also can attend Mahuva within the same district where the scenery is so good that it’s often mentioned because the “Kashmir of Saurashtra”. Coconut plantations and beaches add to the charm of the place and the temples are an added bonus.