Champhai is a poster city in Mizoram and since it is set about to Myanmar, it’s conjointly a vital site for business with the neighboring country. it’s conjointly magnificently referred to as the ‘Rice Bowl of Mizoram’ and with its several hills, orchids, monuments, monoliths, rife life and therefore the beautiful surroundings, Champhai is definitely one amongst the most popular traveler destinations of Mizoram. Every village of Champhai is price visiting.

With lush evergreen forests, the Murlen National Park is home to several vulnerable species. It’s unfold around one hundred sq kilometer and there are a host of species of life and birds. A number of the animals found here are leopards, tigers, Serrow, Barking Deer, mountain range Black Bear, cervid and more. It is conjointly a good spot for bird looking and a few of the bird species that have created the park their environment are Hill Myna, Peacock Pheasant and conjointly many others. Another attraction are the varied lovely and amazing forms of orchids. A visit to the park throughout the time of year means that you get to look at moving clouds, the hills shining in its raw beauty, and therefore the raindrops on the trees and more. With nice connectivity, be it via, road, rail or air, Murlen Park are often simply reached from anywhere in Mizoram.

If you want to check a spot that appears simply out of the world, then head to Rih Dil in Champhai. It’s an exquisite unsubdivided lake that is also terribly about to the center of Mizoram, because it is one amongst the foremost favorite and revered lakes within the state. a novel feature of Rih Dil lake is that tho’ it is located in Mizoram, a neighborhood of it’s in Myanmar. It’s conjointly the most important lake in the state and therefore the south-west a part of the lake is believed to be deeper than the north-west part. If you scrutinize a photograph of Rih Dil Lake, you may feel as if it’s an exquisite painting, because it has such superb scenic beauty. The lake is closely related to Mizo culture and it’s believed that spirits ought to cross the watercourse to succeed in their next abode. You’ll conjointly notice the lake’s mention in the literature and art of Mizoram.

Thasiama Seno Neihna is a tableland that could be a nature’s delight and gives a good read of the surroundings. The climb to the tableland could be a very little difficult and thus it’s a trekker’s delight. However once you’re at the top, you will have associate expertise that you just can care for for an extended time as a result of it’s a place that’s choked with beauty and serenity. There are several legends associated with the place that build it a must-visit.

Spread around a section of eighty sq. kms, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many animals, birds, trees and plants. The second highest peak of the state is among this sanctuary. a number of the fauna gift within the sanctuary are Kleej Phesant, Barking Deer, leopards, Sambar, Hoolock Gibbons, tigers and more.

For people who love nature and abundance of culture, Mizoram is a must-visit. In Mizoram, there are several places that are blessed by Mother Nature. In fact, each and every corner of the state like Champhai is a delight to pay time in.