Changlang in Arunachal Pradesh is exclusive in its natural beauty, culture and tradition. Located during a picturesque valley and surrounded by scenic mountains, Changlang amazes you with its stunning variations in altitudes, which range from 200 metres to 4500 metres. With lush greenery everywhere, you get to view some of the best landscapes, which are beyond description. Apart from nature sporting various colors in this land, you will find a colorful culture as more than 50 dialects are spoken in Changlang. The district of Changlang is nature’s gift to mankind. Spectacular beauty and diversified culture of Changlang necessitate an extended stay here.

Miao, alittle town on the banks of Noa-Dehing River is one among the foremost popular tourist attractions in Changlang. Patkai Bum, a hill in Miao is one among the three main hills under Patkai range. Yet another famous tourist spot known as Namdapha National Park has Patkai Hills as its southern and southeastern border. Miao features a lot to supply like museum and mini zoo.

Namdapha Park in Changlang district was declared Tiger Reserve within the year 1983 by the govt of India. Located close to Himalayan ranges, the stunning park that lies across various altitudes ranging between 200 meters and 4500 meters elevates your spirits. The park covers a massive 1985.23 sq. kms of land, which features a wide selection of flora and fauna.

Not only is the name unique; Lake of No Return served a unique purpose as well. The lake aided in soft landing of aircrafts that were hit by enemies during Second war while on their return mission. The lake was the chosen destination for landing when aircraft developed snags also. Since many planes perished here, the lake was named thus.

Refugees from Tibet have made this place their home and it’s heartening to ascertain that they need made a comeback in their lives. Tibetan Refugee Settlement Camp is found 4 km faraway from Miao and it’s the oldest Tibetan settlement in India. The refugees within the camp produce cotton and woolen carpets of superior quality. The camp is one among the famous tourist destinations in Changlang.

World War II Cemetery is additionally called as Jairampur Cemetery. This is a cemetery where soldiers who gave their lives during war Second are laid to rest. The soldiers were from countries including India, China, America and Britain. The war took its toll on innocent victims who were labourers at this point during this a part of the country.

Threshold of Indo-Myanmar border, Nampong is referred famously as Hell Pass and Hell Gate. The place acquired the name Hell Pass, because it was highly dangerous to cross these routes during Second war. Stilwell Road, which is of historic importance passes through this region. Pangsau Pass from where Lake of No Return are often viewed is situated 12 km from Nampong.

Wars are always ugly, particularly when it is against the weaker section of the society. Some reminders of Second war are often seen within the sort of debris of crashed aircrafts in Ranglum. Patkai hill and Myanmar territory are often viewed from here. The place is suitable for trekking.