Coorg, with its mesmeric natural beauty and quaint hill station environment, is understood for having attracted tourists from everywhere India and even outside. Beautiful waterfalls, sprawling green landscapes, mystical mountain tops, and lovely flora and fauna are some of the attractions that make Coorg such a great location for a holiday. Be it a weekend getaway or an entire vacation, Coorg is a fascinating surrounding as a hill station, and you’ll soon find out why it is known as the Scotland of India.

Located only 1km from Madikeri, Abbey falls is one among the foremost popular tourist destinations of Coorg. Spice plantations, coffee estates, rich green plains and the Kaveri River posing as waterfalls falling over huge rocks, Abbey Falls is a hike to admire for a long time. If you visit right after the monsoons in November and December, this spot will be your favourite one to visit in Coorg.

Get up close and witness the fantastic elephants in their natural habitat at Dubare elephant camp. Home to over 150 elephants, you’ll have the prospect to ascertain the elephants being given baths, being fed and trained. The enchanting environment also includes other wildlife like crocodiles, peacocks, wild dog, and Melursus ursinus , which may all be seen during a coracle boat-ride through the camp.

Magical hills and deep woods are the highlight of Brahmagiri peak, where you’ll get to require a trek through the luscious green landscape, pristine and sparkling waters, colourful and rich flora. Through the trek, you’ll even spot some interesting wildlife within the wildlife sanctuary, which incorporates the spotted deer, Felis chaus , Lion-tailed Macau, Nilgiri Langur, Giant flying phalanger , making it one among the foremost captivating locations of Coorg.

Torrentious waterfalls are a speciality of Coorg, and therefore the Iruppu falls from the river Lakshmana Tirtha, over a 60-feet fall gives these gushing waterfalls a mystical aura. Topped with the richness of greenery within the hills surrounding it, make it a rather unforgettable experience. The trek to the falls is quite exciting as it is, and once you’ve seen the beauty of the Iruppu falls.

This tiny, quaint village situated on the road between Madikeri and Siddapur is a delightful retreat. Chettalli is the perfect place for a cultural tourism enthusiast, and a visitor would love to explore the endless greenery and the surrounding tranquil hills that prove to be a charming and relaxing retreat from the bustling and heavy city life. Chettalli will be the ideal weekend getaway for a tourist looking to learn some deep-rooted culture of the rural areas.

Madikeri is home to Raja’s Seat, which is one among the foremost picturesque points of Coorg. Raja’s Seat may be a sunset point with an incomparable view of the hills and valleys, including musical fountains, periodic flowers inside an enthralling garden that make it such a popular tourist location of Coorg. Early mornings and evenings are the simplest time to go to Raja’s Seat so as to be ready to observe the mesmeric view.

Being a hill station, Coorg is crammed with sunset and sunrise points which give a spectacular view of the valleys and mountains around. Trekking up to the Mandalpatti view point gives the experience of adventure and a chance to admire the pretty landscape. Carry your backpack along and trek through the twisting hiking trails to urge to the highest and obtain a view of the gorgeous area.