Dhanbad, additionally unremarkably referred to as the Coal Capital of India, is that the most expansive town in Jharkhand. This city is noted for its coal industries and factories, and is one in every of the foremost flourishing business areas across India. Dhanbad homes several coal industries like Asian country Coking Coal (BCCL), IISCO (Indian Iron and Steel Company), Tata Steel and ECL. It additionally homes variety of prestigious establishments just like the Indian faculty of Mines and Birsa Institute of Technology. Because of the intensive presence of coal, the realm around isn’t abundant suited for agriculture. Hence, the folks here resort to pisci-culture (fish farming) and sericulture (silk production) for his or her livelihood. This town may be a good confluence of nature and technology. Whereas on the one hand the large coal industries take you by surprise, on the other, the rich panorama rejuvenates your soul.

Constructed on stream Barakar, Maithon Dam offers a fascinating web site to the tourists. A notable picnic spot, this dam was originally made for flood control. Currently, it generates concerning 60,000 kilowatt of electrical power. As families and tourists gather to relish the calming weather, soothing scenes, the riverside also provides the guests with a spellbinding read of the sunset. However, photography is prohibited around this region.

Kalyaneshwar temple is at a couple of distance of five klick from the Maithon Dam. Interestingly, the dam attracts its name from the temple- Maithon or ‘Mai Hindu deity Thann’. The temple is devoted to immortal Shakti, and witnesses hundreds of pilgrims across the years from across the globe. It’s believed that ages ago, human sacrifices were created to the goddess, so as to satiate her and get her blessings. Multitudes, particularly unfruitful ladies supply sacrifices and prayers at the time praying for his or her desires to return true.

Panchet Dam was made as a vicinity of the multi-functional dams designed beneath the Damodar natural depression Corporation. It’s set across stream Damodar and serves multiple functions like flood control, navigation, irrigation and power generation. The dam is about against the scenery of the Panchet hills and is a perfect picnic spot. The road leading up to the dam is serpentine in form and may be a difficult ride for rockers and cyclists. The top of monsoon season is that the recommended time to go to this place. This can be throughout this time that the gates of the dam are unsecured for the straightforward flow of water.

Jharia is one in every of the biggest reservoirs of coal in the state of Jharkhand. It homes large amounts of hydrocarbon coal that is burnt to induce coke. The place may be a major supply of economy for Jharkhand. Different than disposal a considerable push to the state’s economy, Jharia additionally attracts a lot of visitors, who are merely balled over by the prodigious unfold of the coal mines. Moreover, the place attracts variety of scholars and academicians who intend to study the sector of metallurgy.

Located at a distance of about fourteen klick from Dhanbad station, the Bhatinda Falls make an ideal picnic spot. Snuggled amidst lush inexperienced foliage and dense hillock, these waterfalls give a fascinating sight. The falls are lined by immense rocky boulders. The cascading waterfalls instill a way of calm and tranquility in nature enthusiasts. The falls don’t seem to be terribly high reaching and thence modify the tourists to traverse the higher reaches.