Dwarka is found within the western-most a part of Gujarat. It is known as the ‘golden city’. The town has religious and historical significance because consistent with Hindu folklore, the place is listed together of the ‘sacred’ cities. The name comes from ‘dwara’ which suggests door and ‘ka’ which suggests Brahma and thus, the town is claimed to be the spiritual gateway to the ‘union with Brahma’. According to the legends, Dwarka was submerged under water after the demise of Lord Krishna, it had been subsequently rebuilt variety of times later. Situated on the banks of the river Gomati, Dwarka may be a popular pilgrimage city and is visited by tons of tourists also.

Beyt Dwarka (also called Bet Dwarka) is an island that’s located about thirty kilometres from the town. The island has temples, coral reefs and white sand beaches. The temple dedicated to Lord Krishna here is claimed to possess been the residence of Lord Krishna and his family. It is the most temple that folks come to ascertain on the island. The ferry ride to the island itself may be a mesmerising experience.

The Dwarkadish temple is additionally referred to as the Jagat temple and is claimed to possess been inbuilt the sixteenth century. The temple is located right in the middle of the town and has 60 pillars. There are 56 steps that one has to climb to get to the temple. The main deity is Lord Krishna but there are other shrines also. The temple may be a must visit once you are within the city.

The Somnath temple in Dwarka is meant to be one among the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The shrine has been destroyed and rebuilt sixfold and this is often why it’s also referred to as the shrine eternal. This temple may be a beautiful marvel of architecture and is understood for its historical significance

The Gopi Talav or talab may be a pond that’s surrounded by sand which is named Gopi chandan. This sand is employed by the pilgrims who put tilaks on their forehead using it. The name springs from the legend that’s where gopis would come to ascertain Lord Krishna. The pond is taken into account as sacred and located just 20 km from the most city.

The Rukshamanee temple is for the wife of Lord Krishna, Rukmani. She was known as the most favoured wife amongst the many that Lord Krishna had. The shrine has numerous paintings on the walls that depict the stories of the Lord and his wife. The temple is found on the banks of the river Bhagirathi and may be reached via conveyance buses or auto rickshaws.

The Dwarka Lighthouse was constructed in the 19th century and today, it is a modern day marvel. The lighthouse provides a scenic view of the sunset and allows the traveller to require within the serenity of the ocean. A must-visit for anyone who wants to require an opportunity from temples and are available be closer to nature.

The Samudra Narayan temple is found at the Gomati Sangam ghat near the rear of the Dwarkadish temple. The goddess worshipped within the temple is that the goddess Gomati. In the temple vicinity there are five wells that supposedly have sweet water. Pilgrims also can visit other temples located inside an equivalent complex.

There is a cave inside the complex also where meditation saints are often seen. The temple may be a serene and peaceful place to reconnect with the Almighty and absorb the gorgeous architecture of ancient India.