At less than two hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, the Fairbanks region provides the most effective of Alaska’s traveler attractions and natural wonders. The city is home to the expansive University of Alaska Fairbanks campus that homes a range of museums and cultural attractions. Many state parks within the region allow for wilderness experiences and year-round out of doors fun, whereas distinctive cultural attractions offer a plethora of family-friendly activities.

Fountainhead Antique auto museum is part of the 105-acre Wedgewood Resort, which additionally houses a 75-acre wildlife sanctuary and a 2,000-acre water bird refuge. The museum documents the history of automobile technology and transportation throughout the state, showcasing quite eighty historic automobiles, together with the last remaining 1920 Argonne and the 1905 Sheldon Roundabout, the first car built in the state. Multimedia system exhibits bring the state’s formative years to life, documenting the utilization of cars in sculpting Alaska’s fashionable landscape, including the development of the Valdez-Fairbanks path and the Richardson Highway. A vintage vesture exhibit also highlights miss dresses and elite group attire of the early twentieth century.

Running reindeer Ranch offers one-of-a-kind tours on a non-public Fairbanks ranch, showcasing family-owned reindeer. The ranch’s immersive experiences were the 2013 recipient of the Jim and Mary Binkley Award and are featured in international programming and publications like The Washington Post, Condé Thomas Nast Traveler, and the Travel Channel. Reindeer-led tours showcase a gorgeous boreal forest, with tour guides providing data on the region’s natural history and the animals’ lives. Seasonal tours also highlight the region’s aurora and the ranch’s organic vegetable and perennial gardens. Light refreshments are served for all guests on the reservation-only tour.

Morris Thompson Cultural and visitors Center was opened in 2009 and was the results of a decade of coming up with by the Fairbanks Convention and guests Bureau, the Alaska Public Lands data Center, and the Tanana Chiefs Conference. The middle, that honors civil leader Morris Thompson, is a traveler center for the inside Alaska region and showcases a range of interactive exhibits and cultural programming relating to the region’s social history, with a selected specialize in its endemic communities. Regular cultural programming conferred at the middle includes daily documentary showings and performances and demonstrations by native Athabascan artists. The center also serves as the headquarters for variety of regional organizations, together with the Denakkanaaga Native Alaskan Elders’ Organization, the Alaska Geographic Store, and therefore the Tanana Chiefs Cultural Program.

McKinley explorer is part of Alaska’s largest dome railway car fleet, operated by princess Cruises and Holland American Line. ten McKinley explorer cars carry a complete of eighty eight passengers aboard the train’s higher level dome sections, which provide spectacular 360-degree geographical region views from top side dome windows and amenities like footrests and fold-down receptacle tables. Tour guides offer statement on the scenery between Anchorage and Mount McKinley National Park, an entire trip of roughly eight hours, though intermediate stops are on the market for shorter journeys. A restaurant and outdoor viewing platform are offered on the train’s lower level, and bar service is accessible on the higher level.

University of Alaska museum of the North is one of Fairbanks’ premiere museums, showcasing a range of exhibits relating to the state’s notable individuals and places. The recently-renovated museum is designed to evoke the landscape of Alaska, with design parts subtly mimicking the state’s alpine mountains, glaciers, and rivers. Its centerpiece exhibit is its Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery, that options a group of works by Alaskan artists across history, from ancient endemic carvings to up to date art items by both Native and non-Native luminaries. The state’s cultural history is chronicled inside the exhibits of the Gallery of Alaska, whereas its geologic landscape is recreated within the Place wherever you visit Listen, an interactive exhibit that changes based on natural statistics such as the state’s aurora and seismic activity.

Chena river State Recreation area is a 397-square-mile recreation area following the path of the Chena River, offering year-round adventures for guests trying to experience Alaska’s nice outdoors. The recreation area attracts quite 150,000 annual visitors and is home to ample wildlife, together with black and grizzly bears, moose, And beavers. Catch-and-release fishing is allowable on the watercourse and inside 3 ponds, whereas hiking and mountain climbing are offered at Granite Tors. Dog sledding, skiing, and snow machining are well-liked winter activities, with variety of winter trails on the market for traveler access. Nightlong accommodations are available at the Rosehip, Tors Trail, and Red Squirrel camping area areas, which provide RV hookups and picnic areas.

Alyeska Pipeline visitor Center lets guests get an up-close glimpse of the trans-Alaska pipeline System, one of the region’s great engineering marvels. The pipeline was made between 1974 and 1977 by more than 70,000 staff at a value of $8 billion. Today, the pipeline spans 800 miles of the Alaskan geographical region and is in camera owned and operated by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Informational exhibits on the pipeline’s construction and operation are offered at the free admission traveler center, beside a show pig cleanup and scrutiny device. Outside the center, guests will view some of the pipeline for themselves.