Grand Rapids, in western Lower Michigan, was the boyhood home of Gerald Ford, thirty eighth President of the United States. Some of the most holidaymaker attractions are the Gerald R. Ford Presidential museum, with a model of the President’ Oval Office within the White House; the Meyer might House, designed by Frank Harold Lloyd Wright; and the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. City also features a number of fun family attractions, as well as the Grand Rapids Children’ Museum and the John Ball Zoo. Notwithstanding the time of year, there are lots of things to do. Set up your next visit with our list of prime attractions in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park provide indoor and outdoor space which will be enjoyed year-round. The outdoor gardens showcase flowers and peaceful green areas through a spread of garden styles. Outdoor sculptures are set within the lovely natural scenery, backed by trees and waterways, with winding paths. The 5 story Lena Meijer Conservatory provides a tropical setting with exotic plants from around the world. Indoor sculpture galleries feature bronze sculptures by internationally far-famed artists.

John Ball zoo in Grand Rapids is home to animals large and small from all over the world. One amongst its best features is that the wide range of up-close experiences and animal interactions accessible to visitors, as well as the possibility to feed spider monkeys, bears, penguins, and pelicans. Further under-the-table adventures embrace the chance to look at a great ape training session whereas learning concerning their daily needs, and a really active experience with the animal ambassadors, where you’ll learn the way to handle numerous small animals, including reptiles, birds, and mammals. Different activities include the chance to do your hand at zoo keeping, take a ride on a camel, or brush a goat at Red’ Hobby Farm. Among the zoo’ several different residents are a large variety of African animals, as well as lions and tigers, tropical animals just like the lovable sloth, and even a pair of bald eagles.

The Meyer may House was designed by Frank Harold Lloyd Wright and built in 1908 for a flush clothier. The first structure was a modest-sized Prairie-style home that was bit by bit altered and extra to over the years. The home was later purchased and fastidiously restored to its original type after two years of research. Today, the building is receptive the general public at no charge, complete with original and copy furniture. Guests can even admire the 108 windows and skylights, product of Wright’ love for using leaded glass. There’s also a movie that chronicles the history and restoration of the property, as well as its grounds, that currently sit as they did once the house was first built.

The permanent exhibits at the Gerald R Ford museum contain several insights into the life and times of this Grand Rapids native. Collections include things from the 38th president’ childhood and college years, like his Boy Scout record and college soccer uniform. Different exhibits embrace things and knowledge relating to Ford’ political career, from his 1976 presidential campaign items to gifts given to him whereas in office. There are exhibits dedicated to 1st woman Betty Ford, yet as their children. The museum also has temporary exhibits from the Presidential Library System, the Smithsonian Institution, and also the National Archives, and hosts numerous educational programs and community events.

The Grand Rapids Children’ museum offers the city’ youngest visitors the possibility to explore, learn, and play. one amongst the foremost popular areas is “Little Grand Rapids,” wherever they will seek being a grown-up in their own very little city, complete with a bank; grocery store; motorcar mechanic; and a doctor’ office, wherever they will examine x-rays and explore health sciences. Different play areas embrace a bubble room, classic games like Legos and Lincoln Logs, and an area where they can create as much noise as they want while experimenting with distinctive musical instruments. The museum hosts daily programs that are enclosed in admission, as well as artistic activities like art and costume-making, storytelling, and other activities.

Grand Rapids’ Heritage Hill was the city’ 1st neighborhood, once home to several outstanding and influential residents who built the city. In 1968, the Heritage Hill Association was shaped to assist preserve the neighborhood’ history and prevent the destruction of those fine homes, and since then it’s been a recognized Historic Neighborhood. The association provides a self-guided walking tour of the realm that highlights thirty seven of its finest homes. Enclosed within the varied designs are examples of Italianate, Georgian Revival, Gothic Revival, Federal, Queen Anne, Tudor, and Chateauesque architecture, also as many buildings designed by Frank Harold Lloyd Wright.

A day of sightseeing in Grand Rapids isn’t complete without a visit to the Downtown Market. It’s a foodie’ paradise, with lots of selections for a fast bite, full meal, tasty treat, or specialty ingredients for you to require home and make your own gourmand meals. Among the heartier choices are Neapolitan-style pizzas, authentic Detroit BBQ, a Vietnamese restaurant, ancient Mexican “street food,” and a fish market with a raw bar and catch-of-the-day menu. People who would like a quick pick-me-up can get pleasure from a gourmet restaurant or a couple of scoops of organic, do-it-yourself ice cream. The market is additionally the simplest place to go to for the freshest meats and produce, also as not-so-common staples, like cold-pressed olive oils and artisanal spice mixes.