Belonging to the Indian state of Jharkhand, Hazaribagh is better-known well as a health resort. The name Hazaribagh literally interprets to m gardens. Hazaribagh is placed at associate elevation of 200ft.The state of Jharkhand consists concerning 45% of the forest covers and thus the complete space of Hazaribagh is laden with lush inexperienced surroundings. The place has galore flora and fauna. The city is placed on the north-eastern facet of the Chotanagpur plateau. Being of extremely non secular significance, the place incorporates a mesmerizing scenic charm. Hazaribagh has additionally found an area within the Indian history. Aside from being a dwelling house for several religious belief temples, Hazaribagh additionally served as a camp for a few years throughout the British-Raj. Thus the previous town of Hazaribagh happens to be a well-planned city. 

A temple dedicated to divinity Chinnamastaka, Rajrappa Temple stands at the merger of stream Damodar and stream Bhairavi. The stream Bhairavi merges with stream Damodar falling from a height of 30 ft. This successively ends up in an attractive body of water that’s within the section of the temple. The waterfalls are a noted picnic spot due its captivating beauty and additionally has permits water travel activities that could be a favorite amongst the visitors here. The temple is known for its headless idol and also the practice of ‘bali’ (animal sacrifice) continues to be a custom here. Aside from the most supernatural being there are idols of 10 different deities here. The temple is of historical importance and attracts an oversized variety of devotees on daily basis.

Scattered in a district of approximately 186 km, Hazaribagh National Park is a home to a various kind of fauna. The national park is known for orientating the cheetahs, sambhars, neelgai, bisons, noticed cervid and kakars. Since the place has associate accessible road of concerning 111km, it helps the tourists to go to the remotest elements of the park and watch the wild in their natural habitat. There also are watch towers that are sagely made to watch the wild and nonetheless staying at a secure distance from them. As per the last census there have been solely fourteen tigers left within the space and thus are troublesome to spot.

One of the foremost picturesque destinations of the world is the Konar Dam. Placed on a tributary of the Damodar River, Konar, the dam is constructed. This dam is that the second project of 4 that are engineered on the tributaries of Damodar stream by the Damodar depression Corporation. The dam is about a hundred and sixty foot tall and 14900ft in length. The dam additionally incorporates a Brobdingnagian reservoir which is that the main attraction of the place. The reservoir offers a serene and tranquil read of the water collected and could be an image excellent place. There’s another tiny reservoir on the thanks to the most reservoir. The place wraps a postcard read and could be an excellent place to pay your day at.

Jammed amidst a thick forest cover, Canary Hills is another necessary landmark of the city. The hills have atiny low lake at its base and supply a bird’s eye view of the complete Hazaribagh city. The place is additionally noted amongst the trekkers because it is alleged the trek offers a splendid read throughout the path. One will either drive to the top of the Canary Hills or as an alternative climb the steps to achieve the highest. At the highest of the Hill could be a building that additionally homes associate observatory and offers associate extended read of the Jap a part of the Hazaribagh forest.