Traveling to different places in your life could give you the experience and education, which you cannot hope to obtain by doing any other activity. Today’s lifestyle demands people to be confined to a specific place and remain tied to figure. Breaking faraway from such tiresome routine is welcome by all. If you’re planning such a visit together with your family this holiday, you’ll consider visiting Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

A place you can’t afford to miss during your tour of Hyderabad. The name Golconda finds its root in “Golla Konda”, which means Shepherd’s Hill. The fort was originally constructed during the amount of Yadava Dynasty and later it had been under the control of the many other dynasties namely Kakatiya Dynasty, Bahmani Dynasty from whom it went into the control of Qutb Shahis and later Mughal Dynasty.

Shamirpet offers a peaceful atmosphere with its beautiful man-made lake. It is there since the period of Nizam. There is a deer park in Shamirpet where you’ll find deer in great numbers and birds also. It has all the weather required for a picnic spot right from the serene atmosphere to proper accommodation facilities.

Famously called Visa Balaji, Chilkoor Balalji is visited by thousands folks aspirants. The deity here solves all visa troubles and since of this, this temple has been also featured in many documentaries and television shows. This also happens to be only the second temple in India where no VIP treatment is allowed. The temple also doesn’t accept any money from devotees.

Ramoji Film City has the Guinness Book Record of being the world’s largest film studio. The lavish gardens and open spaces are featured in many Indian films, the foremost recent example being Bahubali, which was shot extensively here. A tour of this film city is an experience on its own and thus, Ramoji Film City is one among Hyderabad’s main attraction.

Birla Mandir is situated at the southern end of Hussain Sagar at the highest of Capitol Hill. This beautiful temple built using white marble offers a shocking view of the lake and therefore the city. The construction resembles the architectures of South Indian and Oriya temples. The amazing construction makes you want to revisit this place. A tour to Hyderabad is complete only if you visit Birla Mandir.

A series of seven tombs belonging to the principles Qutubuddin Dynasty, Qutb Shahi Tombs are a serious heritage site in Hyderabad. Built in the 1500’s, this site draws many tourists for its unique architecture, which happens to be a mix of Hindu and Persian styles. The whole structure rests on a raised platform and has intricate stonework on the arches. Interestingly, these tombs are unique for being the cemetery of an entire dynasty.

A major tourist spot and therefore the heart of Hyderabad, the old city of Hyderabad has been a crucial a part of the town since it had been first founded. All the main monuments within the city like Charminar, Taramati Baradari, Makkah Masjid and lots of more are located in or within the vicinity of this city. The famous Laad Bazaar known for pearls, traditional jewellery is additionally here and alongside The Madina Market, this place may be a shoppers paradise