Jagadalpur is known for its fantastic tourism. This beautiful city is part of the Bastar district in Chattisgarh. It was once considered the economic capital of Bastar. Whether it’s natural wonders like waterfalls and wildlife parks or wonderful man-made wonders like sacred temples, everything you can see here is absolutely wonderful. The environmental conditions here are ideal for tourists, which makes this place one of the best visited tourist destinations in Chhattisgarh.

Dalpat Sagar Lake is the largest man-made lake in the state and covers an area of ​​350 hectares. For the last few years this lake has attracted many tourists from our country very successfully. It was originally built to collect rainwater, but soon this lake turned out to be the best place for fishing and other tourist activities. The lake has become a magnet for tourists. Nature is at its peak on this island. A temple, a lighthouse and a music fountain on the island have added flavor to the tourist’s taste.

Tirathgarh Waterfall is a white beauty. Highs give you goose bumps. The waterfall is about 300 metershigh and is part of the Kanger Valley National Park. Without a doubt, this place is the best in the business when it comes to Jagadalpur tourism. Over the years, this place has also become the best picnic spot for local residents and tourists.

Just 35 km from the heart of the city, the Kailash and Kutumsar Caves are only 40 km from the heartInterestingly, these caves are located in the thick forests of Kanger Valley National Park and the Tiratgarh Waterfalls. The natural beauty of the caves is just fascinating. Formations in our eyes these caves are looked atas the second longest natural cave in the world! They have several chambers and an area of ​​about 2 km deep. The view of the caves themselves pumps your adrenaline at the highest level.

Kanger Valley National Park is only 27 km from the city. Known for its variety of wild animals, but also for the most fascinating natural landscapes. It is home to the second longest caves in the world and also some of the beautiful waterfalls. This national park is right on the Kolab River. This park was established in 1982 and shares its borders with many surrounding cities. This park is considered an Asian biosphere reserve and is home to a variety of wildlife species.

The Danteshwari Temple is considered to be the holiest place in Jagadalpur. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit this temple to say their prayers and seek blessings. It is located 84 km from the town of Jagadalpur in Dantewada. This sacred place is 600 years old and was built to worship the local goddess Ma Danteshwari, carved with black stone. People believe that this temple has divine powers.