The park is found within the Indian state of Uttarakhand, within the Kumaon-Himalayan foothills. Jim Corbett Park takes its name from the Legendary Hunter turned conservationist and naturalist of an equivalent name. Jim Corbett worked because the Colonel within the British Indian Army and was referred to as a hunter of the many man-eater Tigers and Leopards and was widely praised by the locals in Kumaon. Jim Corbett played an enormous role within the establishment of this nature reserve which was finally established in 1921.

Jim Corbett Park is spread across a neighborhood of 520.8 square kilometers and is visited by nearly 50,000 visitors annually. The terrain comprises of hills, ravines, marshlands, moist deciduous forests, a lake, and vast grasslands. The park’s temperate climate makes it accessible most times of the year, and attracts a large number of visitors each year.

Being located in the Himalayan foothills, the park enjoys one of the most pleasant climates. With foggy winters not dropping below 5 degree Centigrade and summer temperature not rising above 40 degrees, Corbett is one among the foremost wonderful wildlife reserves in India. However, thanks to being located during a tropical mountainous region, the park are often inaccessible thanks to heavy rains during the monsoons.

The Corbett Park is open from the 15th of November till the 15th of June annually. The best time when most wild and rare animals can be easily spotted is between the months of December and February. The winters in Corbett Park are pleasant, chilly and sunny and most animals can easily be spotted.

The variable terrain at Corbett Park, it’s home to an enormous verity of flora and fauna with a complete of 586 bird species, 33 species of reptiles and amphibians and around 25 species of animals which will be found here.

The park is 50 kilometers far away from the closest domestic airport at Phoolbagh. The closest international airport is at New Delhi which is 238 kilometers from Corbett Park. However there are not any flights that are currently available from Delhi to Phoolbagh.

The closest railroad station from the park is 12 kilometers away, in Ramnagar. Trains to Ramnagar are available via Delhi and all other Railway stations in Uttarakhand.

The Corbett Park is well connected with roads and may be reached via most towns in Uttarakhand and Delhi.

The tourism office for lodging facilities at the park is found in Delhi, at Barakhamba Road and also in Ramnagar where on-spot booking services are available. Bookings can also be made online via official website. There are several decent and mid ranged lodging facilities available in Ramnagar as well.