Located at a mean elevation of 1,800 meters above sea levels, Kasauli is a cantonment town and a well-liked hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli is usually described as a hiker’s paradise and being a little town is often covered mostly by foot. The town was developed during British during the prime of their rule out India and is legendary for its colonial style architecture. The town is claimed to be visited by Lord Hanuman within the Ramayana, who placed his foot atop this town while trying to find the herbs to heal the Injured Lakshmana. The town is legendary for its lush green and picturesque surroundings of the mountains and its quiet and tourist friendly people.

Kasauli Brewery was established in 1820s and predates the town of Kasauli which was established later. The brewery was established by Edward Dyer who brought the equipment from Britain during the time when the area was occupied by the British east India Company. To the region’s climate which resembles that of Scotland the brewery is legendary for its various single malt whiskeys and therefore the freshly brewed Indian ale.

Established by British in 1853, the Christ Church is found amidst a picturesque location of pine and deodar trees. The church is one among the foremost visited places in Kasauli thanks to its marvelous neo-gothic architecture and therefore the various glass windows which were imported from Britain. The serene environment offers most visitors to experience a flash of peace once they visit this church.

The Sunset Point may be a famous view point in Kasauli which is found at the top of the upper mall road. The spot may be a frequented tourist location which offers the view of a picturesque sunset during the evening hours. The plethoras of colours that the sunset provides make it a marvel to behold and an excellent place to spend your evenings. The place is additionally a gateway to a simple hiking trail referred to as the Gilbert trail and must be experienced a minimum of once.

The Mall refers to the most shopping area of the town and is split into the lower and therefore the upper mall road. The area houses various shops and restaurants and therefore the famous Kasauli Club. The mall is the busiest area of Kasauli and is frequented by a huge number of tourists who are attracted by the various shopping and dining locations here. The area includes shops, tea shops, restaurants, cafes and bookstores etc.

Manki Point or Monkey Point is that the highest point at Kasauli and is claimed to be the place where Lord Hanuman placed his foot while checking out the medicinal herbs for the injured Lakshmana within the Indian epic Ramayana. The place offers a number of the foremost amazing views of the whole valley and therefore the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas. The pristine waters of the Sutlej River also can be seen glistening from now. The place is managed and housed by the Indian Air force and special permit is required to go to the place.

Gilbert Nature Trail is the perfect way to explore nature in Kasauli. Located off the main road, it runs about one and a half kilometer and cuts a path along the valley. The trail isn’t frequented by regular tourists and thus is extremely less crowded. Nature lovers can enjoy Kasauli’s flora and fauna at an in depth range once they stroll along this path.