The name Konark, virtually means that the Sun, and refers to the illustrious thirteenth century Sun Temple. The city is found close to the Bay of geographical region and is thought for its numerous ancient temples and monuments. Konark was conjointly one amongst the few places in Asian nation to expertise a complete star eclipse, it’s conjointly one amongst the must-visit places in Orissa. The place is once more best visited throughout the months between October and Gregorian calendar month once the weather is that the most pleasant and cool.

The archaeologic Site Museum was established in 1968, with the aim of housing the archeologic excavations and therefore the fallen sculptures from the Sun temple. The gallery contains variety of antiquities that are displayed in four totally different galleries. The antiquities embody numerous sculptures, paintings, manuscripts and numerous fallen of elements from the Konark Sun Temple.

Built by King Narsimhadeva I of the Ganga Dynasty, the Sun Temple is counted among the seven wonders of India. The temple was built in the form of a chariot with pillars and wheel, and was completed around 1250 AD. The temple is additionally a United Nations agency World Heritage web site and is found at the mouth of the stream Chandrabhaga however because of the receding of the water line is currently pretty aloof from the river’s shores.

The Ramachandi Temple is settled at the banks of the Kusabhadra stream that flows into the Bay of geographical region from this spot. The most spiritual being of the temple is the deity Ramachandi and is one amongst the foremost illustrious temples in Konark. The surroundings conjointly create it a beautiful picnic spot and is wealthy with a verity of bird species and pleasant views.

A comparatively unknown Buddhist site, Kuruma is settled eight kilometers from the illustrious Sun Temple. Kuruma is one amongst the main archeologic excavation sites in Orrisa and is mentioned in many Buddhist texts from Asoka and Ceylon and conjointly seems in the writings of the Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang. The origin of the positioning is dated to be between 8th-9th century AD and could be a must visit for everybody who likes to explore the history of India.

Located at a distance of nineteen kilometers from Konark, and could be a famous picnic spot and fishing village close to Konark. The simplest time to go to the place is throughout the sunset once one will expertise the broad and multi-hued horizon. The place is nice for photographers and could be a major center for fishing and salt production in Konark.

Despite of being a little town, Konark is one amongst India’s archeological gems. Whereas most apprehend Konark for its illustrious Sun Temple, there are several things that one will discover regarding this ancient city upon his visit. The preceding places are the simplest of the places you may stumble upon and must positively be visited.