If Mussorie is fondly referred to as the ‘Queen of Hills’, then Landour is often termed because the tiara resting on top of the Queen’s head. Home of 1 of India’s favorite authors —Ruskin Bond, this beautiful town is on the brink of the town of Dehradhun. Landour may be a tiny cantonment town, and since British rule it’s been a well-liked hill station. Located in the Mussorie range of the Western Himalayas, Landour experiences a good deal of rainfall during the monsoon, giving it a beautiful view. Winter may be a harsh cold, and summer has its own strong warmth to supply, therefore the best time to go to would be towards the top of summer and beginning of monsoon, since it gets quite pleasant on this hill station. With a variety of trees like Oak, Pine, Deodar, Cedar, Ash etc present in this town, they provide a serene atmosphere. The Himalayan mountain ranges like the Garwhal Mountains, Swargarohini, Gangotri, Yamunotri and therefore the likes, surround the region rendering an astounding view.

Located in Landour, the Laal Tibba hill is that the highest point in Mussorie, about 8000 meters above water level. The most popular tourist spot of Landour, Laal Tibba boasts of the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. It has been a populated spot since it had been discovered, and to the present day remains a wanted tourist location. The greenery and winding pathways being an attraction, there also are many aged buildings of British architecture that are a spellbinding sight to behold. The various markets in and around Laal Tibba are an appealing factor for shopping enthusiasts. Picnic spots and quaint surrounding makes this hill a loved destination.

Church of Saint Paul was a haven for the British military services. Constructed within the year 1839, the church of St. Paul may be a popular one of the district of Dehradhun. It is a beautiful church that housed seats for about 250 people when it was built. The architecture may be a sight to behold, and tourists visit this church thanks to its Anglican roots, and therefore the incontrovertible fact that British troops found solace during this spot. Surrounding the church are rich trees that give it a homely feeling, and the sight invites many visitors.

Also referred to as the Kellogg memorial church, the Presbyterian Church was inbuilt 1903. Named after Reverend Dr. Samuel H Kellogg, who was the owner of the school that taught Hindi to the British —known as the Landour Language School. The edifice may be a beautiful Gothic, with windows of glass that catch the attention of a visitor. Tourists flock to the present church thanks to its distinct features and delightful carvings of British era, alongside the appeal of a pleasing view.

Landour Language School is amid beautiful, looming trees and tiny shrubs, like any other location of Landour. Along with this town’s Welsh influence, there are also American elements to it; for example, the fact that Americans studying anywhere close to this town are found in the school to learn Hindi. It’s interesting to take a look at Landour Language School once while in Landour, for it lets you know of how education is given great importance in this small town. This school may be a leading one in terms of learning in India. Languages like Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi are taught during this school, and students from everywhere the planet are found here.