Macon, Georgia is a historic city with a calming and laidback atmosphere that makes for the right vacation. History runs deep here, with Native American artifacts like the Ocmulgee National Monument, unbelievable examples of historic design such as the hay House, and more. There are several lovely parks and recreational spaces within the Macon area as well, with highlights being the Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area, the Ocmulgee River, and several other municipal parks that provide endless options for recreation.

Ocmulgee National Monument could be a prehistoric Native American site that preserves quite 10,000 years of Native American culture. The location includes many major earthworks that were created before one thousand metal by native peoples from the South Appalachian region. The park includes a traveler center with an archaeology museum displaying varied artifacts from the site. The museum provides interpretation of the artifacts furthermore as data regarding the prehistoric those who lived there. The center additionally shows associate degree orientation film and includes a shop whereas the park has 5.5 miles of walking trails. The favored nice Temple Mound will be reached by walking 0.5 miles from the traveler center.

The Allman Brothers Band Museum is a house museum that honors and memorializes the Allman Brothers Band. The museum is also referred to as the large House and was home to the band’ original members, their families, and a few friends from 1970 to 1973. The museum homes several of the band’ archives and memorabilia, together with artwork, instruments, hand-written lyrics, and more. Many of the rooms are created to reflect the manner they looked once the band members lived there. The museum includes a shop that sells Allman Brothers Band merchandise, CDs, apparel, and a spread of different gifts and souvenirs.

Johnston-Felton-Hay House, usually shortened to simply hay House, is a historic home on Macon’ Georgia Avenue inbuilt the late 1850s in the Italian Renaissance Revival style. The home is 18,000 sq. feet and is superbly embellished with things from the amount furthermore as impressive artwork. It’s presently open for tours and personal events. The house tours take some one hour and embrace the basement and 1st and second floors. Many times a year the museum offers special sub-rosa tours that include all seven of the home’ floors, the wine cellar, several attic spaces, and also the alleged Secret Room.

Rose Hill cemetery is a historic cemetery on the banks of the Ocmulgee watercourse on Macon’ north side. The cemetery was designed by Simri Rose in 1840 and was designed as an area for folks to assemble and visit. The cemetery was a well-liked hangout for the Allman Brothers Band throughout their early years and also the band role player a number of their inspiration from the grounds. Guitar player Duane Allman and bass player Berry Annie Oakley are each buried within the cemetery, as are several vital Georgia politicians. The cemetery could be a part of Macon’ self-guided walking tour and it’s additionally the location of the Rose Hill Ramble, that is hosted twice a year.

The Grand Opera House is a historic house and Mercer University’ performing arts center. The opera house was originally referred to as the Academy of Music and once it was opened in 1884, it had the biggest stage within the American Southeast. Stage was restored and renamed the opera House in 1905. Historically, the venue has hosted several far-famed celebrities together with film producer and also the John Prince Philip bandmaster Band, can Rogers, Saint George Burns, Lionel and Ethel Barrymore, Bob Hope, Ray Charles, and also the native Allman Brothers Band. Today, the opera House hosts a spread of events such as street shows, concerts, and theatrical productions.

The Museum of Arts and Sciences is a community museum with four galleries providing a variety of exhibits that change frequently. The museum’ galleries embrace the active Discovery House, many live animal habitats within the Mini-Zoo, a planetarium, observatory, garden, and nature trail. The museum store includes a type of merchandise available relating to the humanities and sciences. The museum is sort of concerned in community education and offers programs for faculties furthermore as public programs in their on-the-scene area and classrooms. Short traveling exhibitions are frequently on show at the museum and should embrace art exhibits as well as different exhibits relating to topics in the humanities and sciences.

The Cannon Ball House is an 1853 home built in the Greek revival style. The house was referred to as the cannon ball House because of cannonball damage that it received throughout the Civil War. The house is embellished and equipped amount furnishings from the 1850s and options create meeting rooms of the primary sorority, The Adephean Society. A bronze 1864-era willnon that was cast domestically at the Macon Arsenal sits on show outside the home. Guests can tour the home, together with the servant’ quarters, the brick kitchen, and also the gardens. The shop sells a variety of merchandise including books, jewelry, souvenirs, and locally made food items.

Amerson river Park is a massive park with nearly two hundred acres of wetlands, forests, and meadows encircled by a formed section of the Ocmulgee River. The park has seven miles of trails that take guests to high, scenic bluffs and overlooks that provide gorgeous views of the river and encompassing area. The park options a handicap-accessible playground that’s specially designed for all youngsters to be able to play. Guests will explore the watercourse itself by kayak, by canoe, or by floating in an exceedingly tube. The Jay Hall Memorial Canoe Launch could be a start for canoers and kayakers furthermore because the start line for a 2-mile tube float.