Madgaon or Margao, because it ordinarily known is that the cultural hub and also the industrial capital of Goa. The town quietly rests at the banks of stream Sal and is thought to be one in every of the oldest settlements in Goa. Before the invasion of the Portuguese Margao was a Matha gram, a land with 9 monastic endowments of the Hindus. The primary site of constitution in Margao was round the ancient temple of Shiva within the type of Lord Damodar. The temple was then destroyed and currently a church stands on the terribly website of the temple. The urbanization of the town took place as a result of the dependence of the close villages and cities and therefore the current market came into existence. The city therefore derives its name by the locals occupation it Maud-gao or the market town of Goa.

The largest church of Margao, The Church of Holy Spirit has been created on the grounds of a Hindu Temple. Before the demolition of the temple, the Hindus transported the idol on the QT to a distinct place. The church was initial in-built 1564AD and then was a prey to fireside that left the church shattered. The current church was built in 1589AD and was consecrated in 1595AD. The church may be a painted edifice and has survived through a callous history. The plain wanting church from outside has stunning interiors. The most altar is devoted to Virgin Mary. The whole construction may be a work of art. Although it’s a noticeable wanting building it still contains a attractiveness to mesmerize anyone.

The stretch of 2.4 klick overlooking the Arabian Sea makes the Colva Beach. Its white powdery sand makes it notable amongst the tourists. The whole bounds is lined up with coconut braid swaying rhythmically with the winds. Colva Beach is totally commercial beach with ocean shacks, restaurants, bars and pubs. The accommodation is additionally simply offered in the shut neighborhood of the beach. The beach is known for its sunsets, the unending Arabian Sea meeting the distant horizon and reflective the reminder the sky, just like the sky and water have incorporated together. The beach may be a notable tourist attraction of South Goa.

Sri Damodar Temple is one in every of the sacred places for Hindus residing in Goa. The idol of the temple originally had its zero in AN ancient temple at the positioning where currently the Church Of Holy Ghost Stands. Lying on the banks of stream Khushawati, the temple is a very important spiritual site. Stream Khushwati is believed to own miraculous healing powers. The presiding deity, Lord Damodar is said to be one in every of the sorts of Lord Shiva. The temple design is surprisingly trendy however the supernatural being is that the standard idol of Lord Damodar. The temple is visited by each communities, Hindus and Christians.

At a distance of regarding a pair of klick from the Colva Beach lays this serene gift of nature. Benaulim Beach is one in every of the most tranquil beaches of Goa that continues to be not fully commercialized. Famous for its fishing activities the beach will be enjoyed with minimum folks strolling around throughout the day time. Although it gets a small amount thronged on the evenings and on weekends nonetheless it’s unknown as compared to alternative Goan Beaches. This beach is thought for its glossy silvery sands that distinction well with the turquoise and emerald reminder the Arabian Sea.