If you’re a traveller at bottom and can’t control yourself at the mere thought of unknown adventures, then Midnapore/medinipur is that the place to travel. This quaint town within the riches of West Bengal may be a wanderer’s enjoyment of every sense of the term. Its landscapes and expansive vegetation are enhanced by the gorgeous religious and cultural sites of this place. Added to this mix is the delectable cuisine of West Bengal that is bound to make anyone’s mouth water. A place to relax within the midst of nature and be gleeful within the face of their colourful culture, Mendinipur has everything that your heart years for within the hustle bustle of cities. The sheer number of attractions at this place will take out the traveller from the tourist in you, making you blissfully exhausted at the end of your trip.

The Jora Masjid, literally meaning “twin mosques” are a beautiful sight to behold. An exquisite structure radiating spirituality and piety, the Jora Masjid is a prominent site of Medinipur. Thousands of devotees flock the mosques to seek blessings and experience a pleasant aura in the mosques’ vicinity. They have been built with fine polished white marble, symbolising peace and harmony that you simply achieve here in your mind. Built with ancient Islamic style of architecture, the place is a majestic sight during Eid, decorated with lights, flowers and happiness.

A serene building painted with pleasing colours and love, the St. John’s Church is a spell bounding sight for all on lookers. The beautiful statues of Jesus Christ and the clean, white setup of the Church bring an aura of tranquillity that is unmatched elsewhere. The beautiful garden that surround the church add splashes of greenery around the church. The church also has a graveyard next to it.

Midnapore’s religious diversity is clear thanks to the various places of worship that are inbuilt its borders, of each major religion. Adding to this diversity is Kali Temple, a beautiful temple of the highly-revered Goddess Kali. The hub of all revelry during the evening prayers, its beauty lies in the glorious architecture of the temple. Visit the Kali temple for a spiritually charged experience, also as for the luxurious interiors.

A town located very on the brink of Midnapore, Chandrakona has an elaborate set of attractions for your enjoyment. Step into this quaint town for palaces, temples, forts and many others cultural sights that would add to your joy. The Palace of Chandraketu is one such place that is bound to take you back to history and help you experience the past in a beautiful manner. The majestic forts of Ramgarh and Lalgarh, with their huge stone walls will make you feel like royalty. Visit Chandrakona for a dramatic getaway trip into the culture and history of Mandipur’s cousin.

The Tamluk town may be a river side town, offering delightful views of the Rupnarayan River on the brink of the Bay of Bengal. The town is a small district in the Mandipur region and is revered for its natural beauty. The bank of the river offers a scenic spot to enjoy picnics or simple walks. Apart from the naturalistic attractions, the place also has a number of temples that you can visit at your leisure.

The history and heritage of a place define its people and its ambience. With such a various and rich background, Medinipur is certain to bring out untapped emotions in you at every new location. Even the surrounding towns bring a truckload of joy, excitement and new experiences, away from the tedious work life and into the luxury of culture and nature. Visit Medinipur for a wondrous and relaxing stay in the magical east India.