The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lies simply ninety miles north of Chicago on the side of Lake Michigan. The state’ largest city, it’ settled at the inflow of the Milwaukee River that is joined inside the town space by 2 tributaries: the Menomonee and therefore the Kinnickinnic. It’ here you’ll notice the city’ splendid Riverwalk pedestrian path, a delight to explore day or night. Maybe the city’ greatest claim to fame, however, is that it’ the house of Harley-Davidson, the legendary motorcycle. And, of course, Milwaukee was the setting of the hit 70s TV show, Happy Days; a fun free thing to try and do is find the far-famed “Bronze Fonz” statue of the series’ leading character.

Milwaukee’ Lakefront space is one of the prettiest downtown areas of any American city. whether or not your interest is looking in shop stores and galleries, feeding al fresco on the shores of Lake Michigan, or just exploring the city’ several pleasant walking trails (check out the lakefront Trail), parks (yes, there’ even a beach), and attractions, visiting here is time well spent. one in every of the foremost distinguished landmarks to be in included on your city district stroll ought to be the War Memorial Center, which commemorates the dead of WWII and therefore the Korean War. A more recent landmark is that the Milwaukee Art Museum, a placing building with collections that embrace American and European works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. And as you walk round the bounds to Discovery World, you’ll also see the Denis Sullivan, a 137-foot duplicate of the tall ships once so common here.

One of Milwaukee’ oldest industries is additionally one of the city’ newest attractions: the Harley-Davidson Museum. This iconic motorcycle brand came into being here in 1901, once William S. Harley, Arthur and conductor Davidson, and a German engineer created their very first motorbike. Mass production followed in 1903, and therefore the rest, as they say, is that the reasonably history currently on show at the superb Harley-Davidson Museum. All told, this superb family attraction boasts over 450 motorcycles and artifacts, as well as “Serial range One,” the oldest Harley. Alternative highlights embrace attention-grabbing displays concerning the folks behind the machines, a store, and a fun themed restaurant. If you can, make certain to go to throughout one in every of the museum’ “bike nights,” once usually many Harleys — several of them customized — are put on display by their proud owners.

Despite being encircled by various taller and additional modern buildings, Milwaukee hall continues to be a crucial a part of the city’ skyline. Designed over variety of years and finished in 1895, the building, at 393 feet, remains one of the tallest 19th-century skyscrapers of its kind. Designed in a mixture of Flemish and German Renaissance Revival styles, it was, once completed, the tallest live-able building within the country. Free tours of this painting building in Milwaukee’ historic East city district are accessible the second and fourth Wednesday each month throughout the summer and embrace an opportunity to climb the spectacular tower and consider the gorgeous interior.

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory within the western a part of town has 3 terribly distinct large glass domes containing plants from the tropics and from desert areas. They’re spectacular architecturally as well, every dome spanning a hundred and forty feet in diameter and standing eighty five feet tall, and were the primary of their kind once inbuilt 1959. Various shows and festivals are control throughout the year in the Show Dome, as well as a well-attended Christmas event with an intensive garden railway, a farmers market, along with regular lightweight shows at night. Admission is free on the first Thursday of each month.

Milwaukee’ Discovery World museum — conjointly known as the James Lovell museum of Science, Economics, associate degreed Technology — incorporates a type of interactive exhibits certain to fascinate young and recent alike. Placed on the shore and self-praise a surprising subject area design, the museum also presents a dynamical roll of traveling exhibits relating to the disciplines highlighted in its name. Must-sees embrace the Reiman Aquarium, the tall ship Denis Sullivan, and therefore the glorious Les Paul’ House of Sound that showcases the work and career of one of the world’ legendary stringed instrument makers. Massive screen movie adventures and live theater experiences are available.

Milwaukee’ Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is known for two reasons: first, it had been designed and designed by far-famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright and second, it resembles either a spacecraft or an alien with a really toothed grin, relying upon the angle from that it’ viewed. None of this could stop you from visiting this distinctive circular structure with its massive blue dome and gold cross on top. Whereas guests are welcome to attend regular church services, cluster tours are accessible outside these times with advance notice. The church is additionally the setting for the popular Greek Fest, an annual event celebrating Greek culture, food, and music.

In Eagle, an easy 45-minute drive west of Milwaukee, you’ll find the old World Wisconsin open-air museum. This fascinating traveler attraction embraces a group of sixty five historic pioneer-era buildings constructed in styles reminiscent of the homelands of the area’ 1st settlers, as well as Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. It’ a fun and really realistic recreation of pioneer life, complete with clad employees and re-enactments. Alternative highlights include summer camps and workshops, moreover as an opportunity to play vintage baseball victimization the initial rules and instrumentality related to the sport. The museum is additionally a popular destination at Christmas for its several festal events and displays.