Mirik is one among the foremost charming locations of West Bengal after Darjeeling. Nestled within the heart of looming hills and a lake cheerfully traversing through the town, Mirik has developed as a well-liked among tourists. Like Darjeeling, Mirik also was a favorite place of British during their era in India. Tourism began to flourish greatly because the popularity of Darjeeling increased, and since then Mirik has seen tons of tourists throughout the year. Elevated at a height of 4,905 ft. Mirik’s most alluring feature is that the Bokar Monastery, which itself is found over 5,801ft. The climate of this town is pleasant almost the whole year, fluctuating between 30 degrees to 1 degree Centigrade in summer and winter respectively.

If boating is one among your favourite activities, this natural stretch of a lake popular as Sumendu Lake of Mirik is that the best place for it. The lake isn’t apt for swimming, but boating may be a fun activity here. The view of everything of Mirik while boating during this lake is sort of astounding, and with the climate so pleasing and delicate, enjoying the town becomes even better. The arched bridge is another attraction over this lake, and therefore the glimmering water during the day is sort of a delight to the eyes. The lake is bordered by Dhupi trees, and a garden perched at the east bank of it’s very beautifully made. Peaks are often viewed while boating or maybe taking a walk or horse-riding at the banks.

Don Bosco a stunning, Roman Catholic Church of Mirik may be a rather eye-catching edifice. It stands right beside the Don Bosco School, and therefore the architecture of this church is sort of pleasing to the attention. It’s one among the foremost popular tourist destinations of the tiny hill town of Mirik. Thanks to its brilliant structural design, Don Bosco Church are often spotted from anywhere within the town. The beautifully carved shrine may be a haven for devotees, and tourists enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the church area.

Located at the very best point of this town, the Bokar Monastery stands as a quaint little structure, which may be spotted easily from the lakeside. From the monastery, the view of Mirik is completely astonishing. With the gilded statue of Buddha in its heart, the Bokar Monastery takes pride in being one among the foremost wanted monasteries for Buddhists in India. On the brink of the monastery are sunset and sunrise points which will be visited to observe the brilliant sunrays dance over the town of Mirik. Thanks to its pretty structure, Bokar Monastery is one among the foremost popular tourist spots of Mirik.

If you would like to seem at the tea gardens from above, the Tingling View Point is your best source. The village Soureni are often seen from now, and therefore the pleasant atmosphere of this region is sort of satisfying to the mind. Through now, you’ll not only get a panoramic vision of the tea gardens, but also view the lake. The tea gardens themselves are quite the attraction to tourists and locals alike.