Orange City, as Nagpur is famously called, is that the third largest city within the state of Maharashtra. It is also the state’s winter capital. Located at the geographical center of the country, the picturesque city attracts history lovers and nature lovers alike. Human existence during this a part of the planet dates back to 8th century BC. Nagpur ranks amongst the highest greenest cities in India. Its scenic landscape because of the parks and wildlife sanctuaries here render magic to the air.

Seminary Hill is that the perfect place to start your tour of Nagpur. Once you reach the height of the hillock, which is simply 6 km far away from the city’s north-west, you’ll be awe-struck by the breathtaking view of Nagpur. The hill is named after St. Charles’s seminary. The Japanese garden at the foothills and therefore the Satpura arboretum on Capitol Hill attract tourists in great numbers. You would love the trek along the luxurious greenery enjoying the bird’s eye view of the environment. Walking paths make it easy for you to climb up and hence you are going to enjoy every minute of your journey to the top of the hill.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Satpura range. It is divided into old Nagzira and new Nagzira and both entertain you with rich wildlife. Safari rides take you to both old and new Nagzira and it’s best to book your rides from Pithezari Gate. All gates do offer to book tickets but they’re too distant. Some of the animals found here include tiger, leopard, hyena, langur, sambar and wild boars. The sanctuary attracts bird watchers too as there over 160 species of birds here including grey gallina , crested serpent eagle, golden backed woodpecker and gray osprey .

History lovers are sure to be pained to see Markanda, a town, now in ruins. Located on Wainganga River banks, the town is believed to possess got the name from Sage Markandeya. The site had 24 temples within the past out of which only 18 temples exist and only 4 in fitness. The fact that the temples find mention within the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, highlight how ancient the temples are and about their historical importance. The paintings and sculptures found in Markanda are amazing.

If you’d love some action, drive straight to Khindsi Lake. The picturesque lake offers amazing water sport activities. The boating activities here are so wonderful that they find mention within the LIMCA Book of records as India’s biggest boating center. With more than 50 types of boats here, you can choose from pedal boats to houseboats. You can also go hiking and trekking within the hill.

Sitabuldi Fort, which lies on two hillocks, is witness to fiercely fought battles and cruel killings. The fort built by a British officer at the time of war was attacked by Appa Sahib’s forces. The war ultimately ended when British overpowered Appa Sahib’s army. Following the victory, British converted the structure into a formidable fort. It was here that Nawab Kadar Ali, the grandson of Tipu Sultan was hanged alongside eight aides for fighting British.