Also famously known as Udhagamandalam and sometimes Ootacamund, Capitol Hill station of Ooty lies near the Nilgiris within the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The area came under the occupation of the Malay Archipelago Company round the end of the 18th century resulting in its popularity as a hill station. The town is legendary for its tourism and attracts an outsized number of tourists. Apart from tourism the main sources of the town’s economy are agriculture, film and medicine manufacture.

Laid out in 1848, the government Botanical Gardens is located at the slopes of the Doddabetta peak. The terraced garden is maintained by the Tamil Nadu horticultural society and covers a neighborhood of twenty-two hectares. The best time to go to the place is anytime except the monsoons. Now this place are going to be the primary thing the people would mention once you visit ooty, and well, in my opinion it’s pretty awesome. Now be prepared for an extended walk once you visit this place, i might advise you to not get any kids or people that can’t walk for long. The place is amazing for photographers and casual visitors alike get a supply of food and drinks otherwise you also can buy some snacks at the gardens. I visited this place thanks to my photographer friends and was totally amazed due to the quantity of greens and flowers around me under an amazingly cool weather.

Small and nice, tea factory that’s frequented by tourists who visit ooty, although not much to try to to here, but it had been quiet a replacement experience to me once I visited the place. You can smell the aroma of the fresh tea leaves as soon as you near the place. I love how machines process the fresh tea leaves and package it. There’s also a store where you’ll buy the tea processed at the factory. They also provided tea prepared from the freshly processed leaves and it tastes amazingly fragrant. This is an honest place to point out to the youngsters also and I’m sure they’d be delighted.

A visit to Doddabetta Peak was the rationale I visited Ooty within the first place. I had heard tons about the picturesque Nilgiris and therefore the amazing views this place has got to offer. The place stands at a height of around 8,650 feet and makes it the very best peaks in south India. This place offers amazing trek spots and many of quiet and picturesque locations to solitary wanderers like me. You might want to pack some specialized pair of binoculars once you reach this place to enjoy it to the fullest. There is alittle eatery placed here courtesy of the tourism department of Tamil Nadu that gives some okay tasting food at an inexpensive price.

The reason I came to ooty was to truly visit the aforementioned Doddabetta peak but wasn’t quite satisfied with amount of indulgence i used to be seeking with the character. Although it had been suggested by an area there and wasn’t on my itinerary, this place made me love my visit to ooty. Located within the heart of the Nilgiris 28 kilometers from ooty, Avalanche Lake is certainly a wanderer’s haven. The surrounding landscape is simply mesmerizing. You can camp beside the lake in tents and luxuriate in trout fishing. There’s also a hatchery located nearby where you’ll get the fishing pole and other fishing equipment at. It’s a tremendous trek location that made me stay here for two days at this place. The place derives its name from a landslide that occurred sometime within the early 1800’s.