To experience the limitless wealth of nature, to look at landscapes that are beyond description, to tread paths were angels do dare; briefly, to expect the smallest amount unexpected, visit Panchgani, the land that enjoys nature’s most personalized attention. Famously called the ‘Mecca of Maharashtra’, Panchgani, Capitol Hill station, is nestled between five hills in Sahyadri Mountain ranges and hence the name. Panchgani is among one among the foremost visited tourist spots in Maharashtra. River Krishna flowing through the valleys may be a breathtaking sight to look at.

Table Land, which ranks second within the list of longest mountain plateaus within the whole of Asia, is an absolute delight that defies all description. It is amazing to ascertain such huge plain on a hill. At 4550 feet above water level, the 95-acre plain makes your jaw drop by absolute amazement. You can give your legs an exquisite exercise by walking along otherwise you may travel on horseback to hide the vast expanse of land. The views of valleys are spectacular. So are the sunrise and sun set views.

Sydney Point, situated on a hill that faces Krishna Valley, is yet one more site that gives views of spectacular landscapes. It was named after Sir Sidney Beckwarth, Commander in Chief, who succeeded Sir John Malcolm as Bombay’s Governor in 1830. Though his tenure was short, his name has come to last. The views of hill ranges, Krishna Valley, Dhom Dam and Kamalgad Fort are stunning. If you’re here within the evening you’re getting to be stunned by the sunset view. In short, it’s an ideal place to feel oneness with nature.

Kamalgad Fort, which covers a neighborhood of around 4 acres surrounded by steep rocks, is found at a height of 4522 feet. The earliest history of this fort isn’t known. During the British rule, the fort succumbed to the British. The fort was used by the British to execute war prisoners. Though there is not much to see in the fort now, the history makes your mind heavy. May be the stunning views of the encompassing areas can bring back comfort.

Yet another mind-blowing destination in Panchgani is Kate`s Point. The place is known as after Sir John Malcolm’s daughter Kate. Situated at 1290 meters height, the purpose offer stunning views of waterfalls, valleys and hill ranges around.

What can you expect in Panchgani? To be full of nature, naturally. So is Parsi Point, which offers spectacular views of the mountains, Krishna valley and therefore the backwaters of Dhom Dam. The point is located on the way to the hill station. The serene atmosphere taps the very essence of your soul.

Panchgani has a lot to offer. It is so full of natural beauty that you find it difficult to shift your body and mind to visit another destination here. The compelling great thing about Capitol Hill station cause you to want to go to the place again and if you’ve got already been to the present place, I’m sure you’d agree with me. I would wish to know more about other tourist attractions here and any updates from you’re most welcome.