An enigmatic escape into a picturesque island are some things is on the highest of the travel list for many avid adventurers. A gentle breeze from the ocean, creating soft waves as you lay on softer sand may be a heavenly experience. An island is nature’s own resort that has all the comforts you’ll even imagine- solitude and peace being the foremost exclusive offers. India, together with his wide geographical varieties enable travelers to avail such a powerful experience. And Port Blair in Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the top choice. The capital city of this union territory is a highly revered place to enjoy the treats of an island vacation. From history to culture to the captivating beaches, this place has it all.

The cellular jail may be a place which will remind you of the trials and ordeals of the colonial era that India witnessed. This is the place where political prisoners were captured and nearly abandoned to measure in inhuman conditions for years on end. The place is popularly referred to as Kalapani and therefore the biggest attraction of this place is that the light and sound show that happens by the Peepal tree.

A peek into the planet War II are often obtained at Port Blair. The Japanese Bunkers stand testament to the kind of protection that was necessary during a time of falling bombs and bullets. These bunkers are situated near the Corbyn’s Cove and are places of high historic importance visited by many.

The reason why most people plan an island vacation is to escape to the picturesque surroundings offered by beaches. Corbyn’s Cove is beauty personified for such travelers. The place is ideal to spend a lazy afternoon by the beach, chatting and connecting together with your loved ones, against a serene backdrop.

Beckoning all nature lovers through its melodious chirping, the Chidiya Tapu is a must visit place near Port Blair. The island houses fifty sorts of indigenous birds who will keep you mesmerized by their color and melody. The place also features a famous picnic spot, where you’ll sit and luxuriate in the gentle breeze as you witness an unforgettable sunset, coloring the waters altogether hues of reds and oranges. Beware of crocodiles.

A magical island present a couple of miles from Port Blair, this is often the hub of adventure lovers. In the midst of the dazzling surroundings, the North Bay Island provides numerous opportunities for trying variety of thrilling water sports. In the recent years, this place has been heavily commercialized and remains crowded during tourist seasons. An interesting thing to note is that this beach along with the lighthouse here is featured on the back of twenty rupee note.

A happy island, the Jolly Buoy Island causes you to witness many marvels of nature. The island may be a storehouse of lovely corals and is therefore strict precautions are taken to preserve them. Special permits are required before travelling here by the forest department.

Walkthrough the smell of fresh leaves and vibrant potted plants at the Sippighat Agricultural Farm. The place is a must visit for nature lovers, who would be greeted by exotic and indigenous varieties of plants, each speaking its own language of beauty. The different shapes and shades of leaves would entice anybody into spending an entire day exploring this eighty acre farm.