The Qutub Minar is a world famed structure which stands tall within the capital of the country, Delhi. Located at Mehrauli, the minar is about 240 meters tall and possesses five storeys with a staircase which spirals all the thanks to the highest. A building which possesses great historical significance, the development was started by Qutb ud-din Aibak in 1192 once he took over this region. A peculiar phenomenon is that the primary three storeys are constructed using red sandstone by Iltutmish while the opposite two storeys were built using marble and sandstone by the emperor Firoz Shah Tughlaq at different periods of time. The beautiful architecture, which attracts tourists from everywhere the country has been through tons of details in history. A cupola which was damaged in it had been taken out of the building and has been found out nearby.

Take a glance at the carvings on the walls which are of the verses of the Holy Quran. Visit the Quwwat Ul Mosque which is within the complex and was built around the same time as when the construction of minar was started. The very famous Iron Pillar, built before the Muslim rulers took over the region, is additionally a requirement visit due to its baffling property of not rusting and staying strong from a very long time. Photography are often administered at the situation which is an excellent backdrop and includes a lush green garden.

The cupola like structure which was supposedly the sixth storey, was taken down and now are often viewed by the visitors just nearby the minaret. Buy stuff from the local hawkers and therefore the markets to gather some souvenirs. The plethora of restaurants situated within the area are great to undertake out different sorts of dishes.

There are many guides available to point out you round the various structures located within the area. They will need to be paid a particular amount and may be available to elucidate the history in various languages which include English and Hindi.

Since Delhi experiences really hot summers, it might be far better if the place is visited during the winter months i.e. from October to March. The best time to steer round the grounds would be during the evenings because the effect of the warmth is lessened and makes the visit a way more pleasant experience.

Situated in Mehrauli, which is present within the southern a part of the town, this famous tourist location are often easily reached by cabs or auto rickshaws. The metro are often taken to the Yellow Line, which may be a walkable distance from the spot. Plenty of buses are available along the route of this location, alongside mount Hop off service offering buses. Cars can be driven past Sri Aurobindo Marg to reach Lado Sarai where this structure is located.

The ultimate location to be visited by history buffs and travelers yearning to find out more about the history of the region is what the spot stands for. It perfectly inculcates tons of history and wonder into one location, which increases our perspective on the heritage and culture, while also making us stare in awe at the construction and designing of each of the building standing around in the premises.