Raipur used to be a part of Madhya Pradesh and is currently a part and capital of Chattisgarh. This place has been ruled by a wide variety of kings and emperors and has a rich culture and heritage. It is also a primary industrial hub and is home to one of the largest steel markets in the country. Raipur is also agriculturally fertile and is commonly referred to as the Chattisgarh Rice Bowl. Attractions in and around Raipur include museums, ashrams, temples and lakes.

This museum is named after Mahant Ghasidas, the king of Rajnandgaon, a former princely state, who founded and approved the construction of this museum. Utensils that are more than 5000 years old. Take a look at the anthropological, archaeological, and natural history of Central India.

The Doodhadhari Monastery and Temple are located in the southern Raipur Province and overlook the vast waters of the Maharajbadh. 17th century by King Jait Singh. This temple is admired for its exquisite walls and delicate carvings. Dedicated to Lord Rama, this place has witnessed a number of devotees year round. The temple is also a monastery dedicated to Swami Balbhadra Das, who is believed to have survived on only “dood” (milk), which is why the place got its name.

The Mahamaya Temple is located in the ancient fortress region of Raipur. The temple is located on the banks of the Kharoon River and is visited by a large number of visitors from all over the country every year, especially during the Navrati Festival. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Mahamaya or Durga Ma. It is believed that she is the embodiment of the many powers of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The temple, which is illuminated during the festivities, gives visitors a sense of devotion and piety.

Budhapara Lake is believed to have been around 1404 BC. It was built by King Brahmadei, Emperor Kalchurie. It is a spectacular travel destination that attracts different visitors all year round. The wide water of the lake gives the viewer a feeling of calm and serenity. It is an ideal weekend getaway for those looking for harmony and peace, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Vivekanand Sarovar, also known as Budha Talab, is right in the center of the city of Raipur. This quiet spot is a popular choice for picnics and family outings. It is believed that the lake owes its name to the great philosopher Swami Vivekanand who lived nearby during his visits to Raipur. He liked the place very much and the shores of the lake became a place to shape Vivekananda. Recently, a huge 37-foot statue of Swami Vivekananda was placed in the garden next to the tourists. Tourists visit the place to experience the peace and quiet while being embraced by the magnificence and tranquility of the lake. The Sarovar also facilitates navigation and other water activities.

The recommended time to visit this place is between October and March when the temperature is not too high and the weather is pleasant and cool. Although Raipur continues to grow as the country’s manufacturing hub, it prides itself on this rich heritage. The many temples and museums illustrate this fact.