Ratlam is a district located in the North West part of Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh and was founded in June 1948. It was later reorganized in the year 1949. Ratlam features an excellent marketplace for gold and silver jewelry with Chandi Chowk being the prime area of sale of gold and silver ornaments. Ratlam features a sizable amount of tourist attractions also as variety of temples.

Panchmarhi is that the only hill station present within the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located at a height of 1000 m within the Satpura Range and hence commonly called “Satpura ki Rani”. It is alittle town with quite less population. It is a well-liked spot for tourist all throughout the year. A bazar is found is that the village of Pachmarhi where most of the retail shops are present. The beauty of Panchmarhi is remarkable and picturesque with thick green forests and flowing streams with wonderful waterfalls and therefore the breathtaking view from Capitol Hill that stands atop the town. It is also rich in wildlife thanks to the natural environment and fewer population and construction. Pachmarhi is abundant with rich flora and fauna and tourist here feel absolutely relaxed and asleep.

Bandhavgarh Park is understood to be one among the foremost exotic wildlife destinations in Central India. The best time to visit this park is from the months of November to June. One can avail the power of jeep safari to require a tour round the forest. The park is abundant with flora and fauna. It has the highest population of tigers in India and was also declared as a tiger reserve in the year 1993 under “Project Tiger “. The other animals spotted in this forest are wild boars, hyenas, jackals, chinkaras, spotted deer and leopards. There are a number of valleys and slopes in the forest which make the park look very beautiful.

Situated within the Sailana Palace within the town of Ratlam, Cactus garden is one among the foremost famous and popular sightseeing attraction among tourists. It is a comparatively new garden which was established around 50 years back within the premises of Sailana garden which is roughly 200 year old now. This garden features a good sort of different species of cacti of varied colors sizes and shapes. There are Indian varieties also as species which are brought from different countries. Few important species within the cacti family namely bulb cactus, snake cactus, peacock feather cactus and bell cactus are all displayed during this garden. Another attraction of this place is its culinary tradition.

Kharmour bird sanctuary is located in Sailana village of Ratlam town and hence many a times also referred to as Sailana bird sanctuary. It was founded in the year 1983 and sprawls across an area of 13 sq kms. The most famous attraction of this sanctuary is that the rare Kharmour species of bird whose home belongs during this very sanctuary. This sanctuary also hosts various migratory birds who halt here for a quick stop. The ideal time to visit this sanctuary to see a variety of birds would be from July to September.