What do you look for in your holiday destination? Do you wish to enjoy in solitude the immense beauty of nature or would you like to experience adrenal flow as you trek the challenging hills? Do you seek places that don’t suffer human intervention much or would you preferably be during a place where life existed for hundreds of years and mankind had left traces of its glorious past? If you are the person that loves all these, you could have a perfect holiday at Roing in Arunachal Pradesh where the best of nature and the brilliance of human talent can be enjoyed.

With lush green forests setting an ideal surrounding and a view of stunning landscape with snow-clad mountains, Mayudia, at a height of 8000 feet, is that the perfect place for you to enjoy the artwork of nature. Mayudia may be a hill resort situated at a distance of 56 kms from Roing. If you happen to be here in winter, you’ll be awe-struck by the sight of snowfall and therefore the spectacular valley that set the proper atmosphere for you to feel oneness with nature.

Mehao Lake is situated 14 kms faraway from Roing in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary. Situated at an altitude of 3000 feet, Mehao Lake may be a photographer’s delight. Set amidst dense green forest with beautiful flowers and plants, the 4 sq km water body sans fish attracts wild ducks in great numbers. Geologists claim that this lake is Oligotrophic as there is no fish in the lake. Boating facilities are available here. You could go trekking within the forest that has not seen too many footprints of humankind.

Bhismaknagar Fort, considered to belong to 8th century, is situated 30 km from Roing. The fort has been named the oldest archaeological site found here. The fort covers 1860.52 sq.meter of land and has three halls, two extension rooms and six entrances. The fort has two gates, the Eastern Gate and therefore the Western Gate. The wall that protects the fort is formed of bricks, mud and stone and therefore the fort’s north has natural protection within the sort of hills. It is a fine display of grandeur and cultural excellence of the bygone era.

Located at 5000 feet altitude, this picturesque town is one among the foremost favorite tourist destinations. Hunli is nestled during a picturesque valley and it offers you spectacular views. The place is legendary for trekking and it’s also frequented for the cave temple at Kupunli. You are bound to enjoy the drive from Roing to Hunli, as you’re sure to see stunning landscapes which may cause you to miss a beat or two.

Nehru Van Udyan lies majestically on Deopani River banks and it’s a kilometer faraway from Roing. This amazing forest park has beautiful orchids and cactus house. Eje-Breeze Tower located here offers spectacular views of Deopani River. Confluence of Rivers Eje and River Eme attracts nature lovers to the present spot.

Sally Lake is yet one more proof of the timeless great thing about Roing. Situated a mere three kilometers from Roing, the spot may be a beautiful suggestion of what to expect in Roing. This natural lake overlooks the spectacular valley below and it’s encompassed by dense green forest being situated in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary.