Serchhip is a city and headquarters of Serchhip district in Mizoram. It’s placed at a distance of 112 klick from Aizawal, the capital of the state. 2 rivers, Mat and Tuikam, flow on each sides of Serchhip. Serchhip means that ‘citrus on top‘, that refers to the quantity of citrus trees that are located on the highest of a hill within the district. There are several villages in the district that are encircled by natural beauty and it’s an excellent place to witness native life and culture.

Vantawng Falls is the best falls in entire Mizoram and positively the foremost beautiful. The falls gets its name from a celebrated swimmer of the region. It’s aforesaid that he might perform several stunts within the cascading waters here and through one such performance, an important log fell on him, killing him on the spot. Therefore the falls was named once him. Vantawng Falls are at a height of 750 foot and its gushing waters from such a height are a sight to cherish. There are wooded hills all around and therefore it is not attainable to travel close to the waterfall. That’s why, the commercial enterprise Department has got wind of a reading tower that offers a wide ranging view of the waterfall.

Located on the AIzawal-Lunglei Main Road, Chhingpuii Thlan is really a stone memorial that was designed between Baktawng and Chhingchhip. It absolutely was erected within the memory of Chhingpuii who was a beautiful young woman. Her happy life together with her husband Kaptuanga was clip when she was seize and killed throughout the warfare that hit the region from 1877 to 1880. Kaptuanga was therefore appalled and saddened by his beloved’s death that he conjointly committed suicide at this spot. The memorial stands as a glowing tribute to the story of 2 youth and their tragic end.

In Mizo language, respiratory organ means that stone. Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung is really a memorial stone made in the memory of Zoluti, who was the girl of a manager of 1 of the tea gardens of the area, whose name was Dr. Winchester. There are several stories regarding Zoluti whose real name was The Virgin Winchester. She was captured and handed over to British in 1872.

A park dedicated to the conservation of deer, Thenzawl ruminant Park is one in every of the most effective attractions in Serchhip. Earlier, it was a forest however nowadays it’s a ruminant park. Since it is the sole park of its kind, the ruminant Park attracts guests from everywhere the country and abroad. Currently, there are around eleven feminine ruminant and half dozen male deer at the park and it is a stunning sight to visualize these wonderful animals take a stroll in their natural habitat.

Chawngchilhi Puk is really a cave placed amidst mountains and beautiful inexperienced trees. One more attraction here is that the recognizing of different bird species and mammals. A ride to the cave could be a rough one that can also be counted jointly of the adventures. What makes this cave a mystery and common could be a legend related to it. It’s aforesaid that the cave gets its name from a lady who fell soft on with a serpent. She gave birth to a baby here within the cave and that’s why the cave was named once her.