The capital of Illinois, Springfield is a national place of pilgrimage for history buffs. This is where Abraham Lincoln lived and worked before his presidency, and where he and his woman are buried. A number of the attractions in Springfield related to Lincoln are within the Central Springfield Historic District, together with his house, lawyer’ office, tomb, and also the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Different points of interest in Springfield are the Illinois State museum and the Dana-Thomas House, designed by Frank role player Wright. For outdoor attractions, the Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon offers weekly concerts, and the Adams wildlife Sanctuary is popular with birders and nature enthusiasts from across the state.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and museum is split between 2 buildings connected by a skywalk. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library could be a public research facility that homes a group of books, warfare materials, manuscripts, Illinois newspapers, pictures, and maps. The Lincoln collection options over 1,500 original signed Lincoln documents. At the museum across the street, completely different exhibits vary from a full-scale replica cabin to a recreation of Ford’ Theater, detailing the long-lasting moments of the President’ life.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site is that the location of the two-story home of Abraham Lincoln, and also the solely home he ever owned. Made in 1839, Abraham and mother Lincoln lived here from 1844 till Mr. Lincoln’ election to the presidency in 1861. This 12-room, Greek revival house is a preferred national attraction, and a ranger-led tour is the only way to see within this historic residence. Available habitually throughout the day, target-hunting tours are free, and tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Dana-Thomas House was built in 1902 by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. it had been one of his 1st major Prairie-style houses. This 12,000-square-foot home has thirty five rooms and over 250 art glass doors and windows, alongside several different fine details. Hour-long tours are available most days of the week, and whereas reservations aren’t required, it’ counseled to call ahead before your visit. Specialty two-hour tours also can be booked ahead of time, which give a lot of insight on the architecture and also the man behind it all.

The old State Capitol was the middle of Illinois government from 1839 to 1876. Abraham Lincoln served here as a state legislator, pleaded cases before the Supreme Court, and delivered his celebrated “House Divided” speech at this location. Currently on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was reconstructed to its original grandeur within the 1960s. Reconstructed rotundas, libraries, and also the supreme room are found inside this historic capitol building, all giving a desirable probability to leap back in time once Lincoln walked the halls. Guided 30-minute tours are available, and guests are inspired to explore the rooms on their own. Reservations for the tour may be organized in advance and are powerfully recommended.

Washington Park botanical garden consists of a greenhouse area, also as a conservatory that homes tropical plants. a number of the features on-site are a 5,000-plant rose garden, a scent and texture garden for the visually impaired, an iris garden, a perennial border, rockery, and out of doors succulent gardens. This can be a wonderful place to go to year-round, with indoor and outdoor attractions. Within the summer, the garden could be a birding hot spot in town, because the colorful plants attract a large form of species. The botanical garden is additionally a venue for academic programs and events, as well as free guided tours for teams of ten or more.

Dating from 1885, this historic mansion is one of the foremost attention-grabbing free things to do in Springfield. After your visit at the State Capitol, walk a couple of blocks and go in here. The mansion has been superbly preserved and improved over the years and these days is a wonderful illustration of interior decoration and design from the flip of the century. The spiral way is one of the highlights of a visit.

The Illinois State museum in Springfield was founded in 1877 as a natural history museum. Today, the museum options nearly 100,000 sq. feet of space, with permanent and dynamic exhibits on art, anthropology, and explanation. There’s conjointly an emphasis on Native American heritage and also the history of Illinois. The 3 permanent exhibitions embrace reception within the Heartland, description over three hundred years of Illinois history; Changes: Dynamic Illinois Environments, an interactive exhibit of natural history of the region; and Peoples of the Past, an in depth space of dioramas detailing the made Native American History of Illinois.

Oak Ridge cemetery is the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln; his wife; and three of their children, Edward, William, and Thomas. Lincoln’ grave State Historic site could be a 117-foot-tall granite tomb, engineered to permit area for different members of the Lincoln family as well, though they need chosen to not be buried here. The inside of the memorial was made of marble and options a rotunda and burial room. Conjointly settled within the cemetery are memorials dedicated to Illinoisians who served their country from WWII to the Vietnam War.