Udupi is one among the foremost popular places in Karnataka and is renowned both as a pilgrimage centre and as a tourist destination. It is also famous for its unique cuisine, which actually, is world famous, especially for its ‘masala dosa’ which are dosas with fillings inside them. There are many small and large eateries here selling different sorts of dosas. The term ‘Udupi hotels’ pertaining to anywhere selling dosas and masala dosas could be thanks to the reputation of Udupi because the place of eateries.

It is one of the most famous temples in India, also referred to as the Udupi Sri Krishna Temple. In fact, it is one of the seven Mukti Sthalas or the seven temples in Karnataka. There is also a ‘Matha’ or a place for priests, at the temple. Built in the 13th century, the Sri Krishna Temple is one of the rare temples of Lord Krishna where he is worshiped as a young boy.

The temple looks like a hermitage and there is a mandap and garbhagriha or the sanctum sanctorum. The idol is decorated with precious jewels and may be a sight to behold. Another unique feature of the Udupi Shri Krishna Temple is that you simply won’t be ready to see the deity through the most door but there’s a meshed window behind the temple, through which you’ll see the Lord. The window is additionally a piece of art with different avatars of Lord Vishnu etched intricately thereon. There is a story behind the window, which is understood as ‘Kanakana kindi’.

When you visit Udupi, a visit to Kaup beach may be a must. You can spend a stunning time here by walking round the beach and taking note of the ocean birds and searching at the luxurious sea. It is one of the most stunning coastal regions in India. There is a 100 ft lighthouse, inbuilt 1901 by British, situated on alittle hill surrounded by palm trees and may be a beautiful sight at the beach. Other attractions at the beach include two temples dedicated to Goddess Mariamma and the ruins of an ancient fort. There is also an estuary on the beach and water sports too are an added attraction.

If you wish to be a part of a beautiful painting, then Malpe beach in Udupi is where you should be. With its golden brown sand, the blue above, the green palm trees on its side and therefore the serene blue waters, Malpe Beach looks as beautiful as you’d see a colourful painting of the sea. It is one among hottest tourist destinations of the state and offers a serene environment for you to behold.

Home to the renowned Manipal University, Manipal is a beautiful town in Udupi and also has many reputed educational institutions in the area. The credit for Manipal’s development goes to the famous educationist Dr. T M A Pai. India’s first ever private medical college, the Kasturba Medical College, was found out at Manipal in 1953. Apart from its fame as an academic hub, Manipal is additionally famous for its natural beauty with shores, sea, hills, rivers and more. In fact, it also can be mentioned as a crucial tourist destination, which it’s, because of its scenic surroundings and blissful climate.