Ukhrul is a gorgeous district within the state of Manipur. It is documented for its natural beauty. This place isn’t simply visually appealing however conjointly provides the sensation of inner peace. Amidst the hills and lakes, one will really feel the calmness and sweetness of nature. A paradise for people with a feeling towards nature, a place which every nature lover must visit a minimum of once in their lifetime. The state wherever this breath-taking district is set is additionally the house to many more such amusing places. Here is wherever you’ll sneak-a-peek of the legendary state. Ukhrul has various traveler spots. 

The most fascinating feature about Kachouphung Lake is that its shape resembles the form of the map of India. This placing lake is found on the slope of the hill. There are a number of fishes found during this lake and it provides folks with a good opportunity for pisciculture. The dimensions of the stream varies loads between the summers and also the monsoons. It becomes means larger throughout the rainy season.  The most fascinating issue is that the truth that water may be brought in from the near Nily stream and added to the lake to increase its size.

Khayang peak is called the very best peak of the Ukhrul district; its altitude being 3114 meters on top of ocean level. The height provides a beautiful read of the whole region. One will see the guy hills, the beautifully raging streams and also the low egg laying valleys from up there. Except enjoying its scenic beauty, folks conjointly go trekking on these hills. The satisfaction of seeing the sun rise from the height isn’t one thing which will be expressed in words. Those that aren’t a lot of into trekking will simply rent private transport and select a protracted drive to the highest of hill to suspire the aura of nature.

Shirui Kashong peak is one in every of the best peaks to go to in Ukhrul. It’s a touch additional well-liked than the Khayang peak as a result of it is more easily accessible. The altitude of this hill rises up to 2835 meters on top of ocean level. Except the wonder of its altitude, the height looks to be painted with colourful flowers. These flowers bloom on the peak within the months of May-June. The most important attraction being the blooming of the rare Lilium mackliniae. This place isn’t simply far-famed for its vibrant beauty, however also the plants and herbs found here. Several of those have healthful values and therefore, it attracts variety of students every year for analysis purpose.

Another marvelous place to visit in Ukhrul is the Nillai tea estate. This can be an area wherever tea is full-grown. The tea grown here is hand-plucked and sun-dried. It enriches the healthful qualities of the leaves. The special feature of those leaves is that the proper flavor comes only they’re cooked the second time! Except the distinctive features, the leaf seen here is unquestionably a treat to one’s eyes. Seeing thus much of lushness will sure enough build your heart feel sensible and also the neat rows of tea plants can cause you to ne’er need to go away the place.