People have various reasons to travel. If your reason to travel is to go to a sanctum that gives great and unique experience with its historical value aside from its pilgrimage tag, Varanasi might be the right choice. The old city has great places that never fade in your memory once you visit the place. Varanasi is found on the banks of the famous and mighty river Ganges. Ganges features a great belief attached thereto by followers of Hinduism. It is believed that the river washes away the sins on taking a dip within the river. Varanasi is famously called the town of temples and learning.

Ganges is legendary with the religious minded Hindus due to their beliefs about the river’s power in washing away their sins. Whether you’re taking a dip within the river Ganges or not, you ought to not miss the river in your trip to Varanasi. You would love a walk along the river as you get to see the place busy with activity throughout the day. Riding on the boat during sunrise and sun set will offer you spectacular views. The cultural richness of the river is amazing and therefore the views are stunning. The lighted candles and therefore the offerings of flowers within the evenings are views you ought to not miss. It would be amazing to ascertain the varied activities of day to day life performed fully view of the people.

The most famous ghat in Varanasi is that the Manikarnika Ghat. This is a place of cremation by the Hindus. If you are ready to experience with all boldness how it feels to see the continuous cremations taking place, this could be the place. You might wonder if this is often an area well worth the visit on a vacation, you’ll change your mind once you’re here. It gives a view of life in its full nakedness and seeing it for real that this is often the last word causes you to experience a singular feeling. Knowing about life is different and seeing numerous dead bodies cremated and the way it just happens as a routine is altogether a special story.

Ramnagar Fort was the residence of the former King of Varanasi. The Fort was constructed by the King of Banaras in the year 1750 AD. It was built using red stones. It gains significance being an astronomical wonder. The big clock in the palace shows the day, week, month, and year and details the astronomy of the space objects. It has a museum, which has a rich collection of swords, costumes, palanquins and so on. The majestic palace may be a combination of architectural excellence and astronomical brilliance.

Chunar Fort is found on the banks of the river Ganges and a 40 km far away from the town. The fort is spread during a massive 34000 square feet and it’s famous for its rich antiquity. The fort was constructed by Ujjain King Vikramaditya for Bharthari, his brother. The fort has historical importance and it served as a big post when the battle between Humayun and Sher Shah happened. It was under the control of varied rulers and therefore the last of the rulers to regulate the fort was Malay Archipelago Company.