Going by the dimensions, the port city Visakhapatnam ranks second amongst the cities in Andhra Pradesh. It owns the credit of getting the oldest shipyard in India and it houses natural harbor that’s one among its kind on the Indian East Coast. With its location contributing to the picturesque landscapes of the town, its rich cultural past adds immense value to its name. If you search for a destination that might keep your spirits soaring with natural beauties and manmade wonders, Visakhapatnam, popularly referred to as Vizag is that the right place.

Still further faraway from Vizag is Araku Valley, which may be a favorite tourist destination. Your tour to Vizag won’t be complete if you are doing not go some extra kilometers to go to Araku Valley and Borra Caves. Araku Valley is a hill station, which is bestowed with some of the best boons of Mother Nature. Located 3200 square feet above the ocean level, Araku valley is picturesque with lush green gardens, streams and waterfalls. The strength of the place and the 19 tribes that live here is that they are not influenced by the modern world. The tribes keep their culture alive and therefore the valley may be a beauty that man has not attempted to overcome.

A stunning location 92 km far away from the port city, Borra Caves is breathtaking situated 1400 metre above the ocean level. The million year old caves were discovered by William King George from the Geological Survey of India in 1807. Borra Caves are the most important amongst the caves found in India. The spectacular formation of rocks offers great views. If you wish some physical activity on your tour, you’ll love the trek toward Borra Caves. An 80 ft. tunnel found here necessitates you’re going on all fours to reach the destination.

The location of Yarada Beach is picturesque. Surrounded by magnificent hills on its three sides and Bay of Bengal on the fourth, Yarada Beach is undoubtedly the simplest beach in Vizag. The beach is clean and therefore the golden sands increase its beauty. Sunrise and sunset views are mind blowing. The beach apart, your journey to Yarada beach in itself is scenic.

Rishikonda Beach is frequented by tourists as it is one of the best beaches in Andhra Pradesh. The beautiful beach is situated 8 km from Vizag. If you’re keen on water sports, you’ll love this beach. Swimming, wind surfing and skiing are some of the water sports available here.

Katiki Waterfalls is found 4 km far away from the traditional Borra Caves. Gosthani River is that the source for this waterfall, which falls from a height of fifty ft. The picturesque waterfalls with lush green surroundings in Araku Valley offers excellent scope for trekking. The waterfall goes dry in summer.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park occupies a sprawling 625 acres of land. The location of the zoo is mesmerizing as you discover hills on both the edges of the zoo and Bay of Bengal to its east. Located in such a natural setting, the zoo appears considerably a home to wildlife.

Kailasagiri is a famous hill station, which is surrounded by beaches and small hills. Kailasagiri Hill Park is located at the top and 360 feet from sea level. Road trains for children, ropeway trolleys and Play Park are some of the leading attractions here. The place is photographers’ delight as the views from hilltop are mind blowing.