Located among four mountains comprising of fourteen hamlets, Yelagiri, is additionally referred to as the Poor Man’s Ooty. This hill-station in Tamil Nadu may be a quick getaway from the busy schedules. The charming town has a way to let you relax and rejuvenate in the nature. With the hair-pin bends along the thanks to Capitol Hill, it provides the foremost awe striking views. Each bend will compel you to prevent and gulp the scenic charm of the place bit by bit. The place is yet away from the commercialization of being a popular hill-station, it will give you the peace that you are looking for. Blessed with lakes, hills, greenery, temples and temples this place screams the purity that nature renders.

The artificial man-made lake, Punganoor Lake, lies next to the ‘Mughlai Garden’. The Lake Park is ideally known for its serenity and allows the tourists to enjoy activities like boating n rowing. Picnicking within the place is prohibited; it’s one reason why the place is super clean even after being a well-liked tourist spot. The clear waters of the lake and therefore the lush green park make it a perfect place for the visitors to relax and spend the day with nature.

It is the Attaru river bends graciously over the Yelagiri Hills providing this beautifully cascading Jalagamparai Waterfalls. The water falls from a substantial height imparting it a scenic charm. The aura of the place is captivating and despite of the quantity of water flowing the waterfalls are just mesmerising. One can take a trek to these falls. The trek is usually downhill therefore a careless strolling during the evening might assist you get your soul drenched here.

The Nature Park is next to the Punganoor Lake making it a gorgeous combination for enjoying a water body and therefore the greenery of the park at an equivalent time. Resident to tons of extinct floral species the garden is spread in 12 acres of land. The park also homes a man-made waterfall where the visitors can bathe. Nature Park also features a special children’s corner, a musical fountain, fish aquarium and a bamboo-built house. The place is a perfect time off for families.

Vainu Bappu Observatory is maintained by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. The observatory showcases insights of our system and every one the gorgeous heavenly bodies present up there. It also has the largest telescope in Asia with a diameter of 93 inches providing a view that can leave any person awe-struck. Though the observatory needs a previous permission, one can even visit the place in the dark to possess astonished by the astounding night sky. Apart from that you simply also can enjoy the serene surroundings where one can witness a various flora and fauna.

Nivaloor Lake is within the vicinity of a temple making the lake crammed with an air of divinity. Untouched by the gang one can see lotus and lily growing within the lake. Boating being a famous activity within the lake yet it’s well organized and clean. If you’re not curious about boating, taking a walk along the lake will leave you refreshed. A couple of birds belonging to the region also can be spotted here.