Yuksom is a village within the State of Sikkim known for its gorgeous landscape and snow-capped mountains. Also referred to as the “gateway to Kangchendzongha”, the town is understood for its monasteries and Buddhist heritage also. Located at an altitude of 1780 m, Yuksom was originally the traditional capital of Sikkim and thus , features a religious connotation attached to the place because it symbolically represents ‘the third eye of Sikkim‘.

The Khecheopalri Lake is situated at a height of 6000 ft. and is about 28 km from the town of Pelling. The lake is known as one of the largest lakes in the entire state and therefore attracts a lot of tourists. Not only is that the lake very big, it’s also known to be sacred and is found inside a forest.

According to legends, the lake is understood to be connected with the Goddess Tara. Different stories about the lake are often heard from locals but all of them deem the lake to be sacred. The lake has clean and pristine waters and therefore the surface of the lake always remains clear. Pilgrims come to the lake per annum and offer prayers.

The Tashiding Monastery is a very important place for Buddhists because according to the legends, the place was visited by the Buddhist master Guru Padmasambhava. Amazingly, the world has suffered numerous earthquakes and each time, the monastery is rebuilt and reconstructed with the assistance of funds from the government. The beautiful building has dazzling colours and delightful Buddhist architecture. Many sacred ceremonies are hosted here and one should definitely visit the place to experience the local way of life!

The Dubdi Monastery translates into ‘the retreat’. It was inbuilt the year 1701 and is claimed to possess been established by Chogyar Namgyal. The monastery is additionally referred to as the Yuksom Monastery and is situated on a gorgeous patch of green land. The interiors have beautifully painted and carved Buddhist designs and houses pictures of saints, Buddhist symbols and even manuscripts. The monastery may be a must see while in Yuksom.

The Kangchendzonga National Park is said to be over at least 820 sq km. The park is home to animals just like the ounce, the Melursus ursin us, Himalayan black bear, lesser panda and various other Himalayan creatures. The park is taken into account to be one among the simplest national parks in India because it’s located at a really high altitude and remains untouched by human intervention. The park is additionally home to over 500 different species of birds and flora.

The royal complex of Tashi Teenka was constructed when the town of Yuksom was still the capital of Sikkim. It is located on a ridge and thus, offers a full 360-degree view of the whole city. Tourists must visit this place to witness the heritage of Yuksom city also on absorb the natural scenic beauty round the spot.

Yuksom is one among the simplest hill-stations to go to while in Sikkim. Unlike the opposite commercially important hill stations of the state, Yuksom is quite rich in culture and heritage. The place is essentially home to the locals and therefore the occasional tourist. Owing to its Buddhist heritage, Yuksom is that the best place to travel for a peaceful vacation far away from the city-life.